Rate the transmog of the priest above you

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8/10 - it's a nice set, as someone said earlier 'different'.

For mine - again, wish you could see the staff as it really ties it together (added in the soft purple to match her headband (which is the hair style not a transmorg).
7/10 , see it quite often good set though
8.5 /10
Back again what do you all think of this one?
Man, I was farming those shoulders forever and never got them.


It matches nicely, I just find brown to be kinda meh.

I really wish this would show weapons, cuz I think my weapon transmog adds a lot to my overall look.
7/10It matches nicely, I just find brown to be kinda meh.

Its actually orange. I don't know why it don't look as orange in armory, but in game you can definatly tell that it's orange.


I just don't like the Cata shoulders.

That's a very blue look. I'm not a huge fan of how big the gloves are, but the rest of the set goes together very well. 9/10.

Am I the only one that wishes Blizzard would figure out a way to give us hair with some of the transmogs like that?
8/10. I don't really like green, but the devil horn is cool :)
8.5 green belt kind of throws it off.

I do love that set, I just feel like the belt could be a bit better.
So male panda casters have the worst pose possible in the armory. Who doesn't like t7 though

@ Belicelli love it 10/10
@Vrance I enjoy the evilness. 10/10
@Nyquill: I love the monocle, really sells it. :D 7/10
@Israe: I really like it! It's hard to find shoulders that match that dress and I think those are a bit dark, but I reallllllly like your belt. o.o 9/10!

(I'm not one to talk about matching shoulders, though T~T)

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