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There's a TL;DR at the bottom if you need help determining if you want to read this or not

'Ello. This will end up rather lengthy, but I feel it's an important read. If you're subbed to Mercader's youtube, you'll know he recently released a guide video for rogues in 5.0.4. Dandy. You don't need to be subscribed, however, to take a peak at the video's comment section and see how pathetic he really is.

Before I continue - I'll point out that I don't play on this realm (i don't even play wow anymore lol, I just enjoy checking out videos to see the current state of the game), I have no previous grudge against him - hell, I was subscribed to him until now. Why did I un-subscribe? I'll explain:

Someone made a comment on his video that LITERALLY started off with "Dude... Big fan [...]" (remember the "big fan"), where they continued to say they didn't think he knew what he was talking about. Now for merc, he has every obligation to now disprove this person - which he did. However, he added a little jab at the end; the ever non-creative learn some better english/grammar, your post gave me cancer. This is said countless times a day across all the servers, across xbox, across facebook, across reddit etc etc. Generally overlooked by everyone, or even promoted by others (heckling, laughing, adding in additional insults). I'll now explain why this "not such a big deal" thing is pretty sad.

1. I'll say the obvious. When faced with bad grammar, there are 2 options: A - the person is immature and has bad grammar, or B - the person doesn't speak English as their native tongue. With that being said, on average, you've got a 50/50 chance at correctly insulting someone's grammar, due to them being "dumb" and immature. You now also have a 50/50 chance at insulting someone who doesn't speak English originally, and is nice enough to try to learn it. Now most players don't care about being nice or what it must feel like being insulted for trying to speak the "common" language just for the sake of getting along, but I imagine it sucks. The fact that Mercader is 20something and can't see two sides of something is just... sad.

2. Now this is more personal to Merc and his "status" among the community. Merc is making money from youtube as well as other sponsors. It is really, really stupid for someone in his position to do this. He acts blatantly rude to someone that likely subbed to him and/or liked some videos here and there (netting mercader money). He essentially is biting the hand that feeds him, yet he is getting cheered on by the immature fans that thumbs-up his comments. They don't end there though - they even reply to the person merc is insulting and insult him MORE! He doesn't take his income seriously - the community of subscribers are his (youtube) income. So aside from the morally wrong part I listed in #1, this is just financially stupid.

AND THE PLOT THICKENS. Of course I originally comment on his video stating that I felt he was in the wrong. However, to no surprise, he deleted it. Apparently he didn't delete it quick enough though, one fan still had time to try to insult me. In this screencap you'll see the part of his comment that was insulting to one of his subscribers - the very money in his pocket - as well as the error window that shows my comment was deleted.
My channel is "AndreivPvP", which is why it's left uncensored.
EDIT: He deleted his insulting comment. Maybe he thought it over and felt it was dumb to do in his position. However, it's not the first time he's been blatantly rude to the hand that feeds him. I will keep this post up (as well as this screenshot as proof) until he apologizes.

So upon my closing statement, I'll put this into a metaphor:
Merc makes money from youtube, this is professional. This is no different than Merc being a chef, having a customer say "I'll still pay for my burger, but I'll tell you what I thought was wrong about it", and merc just insults them.

TL;DR - Mercader insults his subscriber(s) - (the very money in his pocket), then deletes my comment when I say he was in the wrong. I could care less, it's just sad to see that people like this are making money this way. That is all. Iaintevenmad.jpeg, but like I said - it sucks to see people like this making money this way. Oh well, Karma is a B#@!$
I don't think you realise how YouTube works in terms of payment. I can say that if this sparks drama you would of made him more money.


Pay Per View.

Subscribers don't make money, the views do.
Subscribers don't make money, the views do.

I was putting emphasis on the subscriber aspect because they're *generally* the first to see his videos and tend to be a large(enough) percentage of the payperview crowd
And the point of this is to do what now? The kid lost a duel to some rogue named maymay while he and his sad city ironforge got raided and he never pays up in his worthless dueling.

PS: He's not a good rogue, you don't need to make threads about him to tell people about him on some lvl 1. What is wrong with this world...of warcraft.
So...the post is "increasingly popular pvp player insults others"...I don't think I need to state this, but in PvP, !@#$ talking is pretty much the language these players speak, skilled or unskilled, rated or unrated, carried or uncarried. I don't watch Mercader, don't pay attention to his %^-* in trade, however he's an entertainer more than he is a pvp player. Same can be said about other lackluster pvp role models kids who pick up this game pick these days. I don't agree with his reason (insulting someone's grammar is pathetic most of the time because rarely do people use full grammar/punctuation/sentence structure), but he did what people expect a self boasting player to do. Insult someone so the crowd can get behind him and cheer him on/talk him up. Why does a bully try to get a crowd around a fight and add insult to injury with rude comments he hopes the crowd goes along with?

TL;DR? Mercader did something that the majority of his fans (atypical, low self esteem gamers) would do, making them like him more, but losing a few fans in the process. You can't please all the people all the time.
/official-end of pointless thread...
You have to realize that anyone can be any way. All possibilities can be true.
It's easier to be a #*@! than to be respectful. The reason why it seems so alarming to most is that we grew up in a bubble, the world was larger then and we weren't aware of these asses.
With th internet we now know that 99% of people on this planet suck !@#. FIN.
Youtube Heroes aren't honest?

This is breaking news....

Swifty deff isn't ;)

lulz wearing haste bracers since s9

I would also like a report on the business conduct of Bed Bath and Beyond please, for some reason I feel like they're dishonest and would really like some investigative reporting on it. Good work gumshoe!
09/09/2012 03:55 AMPosted by Sadfuture
TL;DR - Mercader insults his subscriber(s) - (the very money in his pocket), then deletes my comment when I say he was in the wrong. I could care less, it's just sad to see that people like this are making money this way. That is all. Iaintevenmad.jpeg, but like I said - it sucks to see people like this making money this way. Oh well, Karma is a B#@!$

Only read tldr cause that essay was far longer then anything on wow forums should be, unless theres coding/math in it.
Also, I'm known for being a *#**#*%!, mainly cause its really funny half the time, the other half because people don't think for half a second about what they say online, did you ever think, just once, that maybe its to keep gigantic essay's like this from happening in comments? who the !@#$ cares if hes wrong or right, its a game, someone might get entertainment out of it.

also, go post on your main if you want to %^-*!
p.s. respect for good grammar
yo i ain no random rogue im glad yo
why not

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