Weekly 25hm ICC

Hey guys,
I will be starting a weekly Ice Crown Citadel Heroic group (25m) from this week on wards. These runs will typically begin at 5:00 PM ST and end at 7:00PM ST on Thursdays. Those wanting to complete their glory of the IC raider meta and ICC NON meta achieves are welcome. Level 85s only regardless of your reasoning. This is simply to prevent silly deaths and save time, the more dps and numbers the faster the run will be.
These runs will take no longer than 2 hours inc Heroic Lich King . However, I do believe as time progresses and people get better at fights it will be cleared faster.

Shadowfrost shards are reserved until further notice. Invincible's reins will also be reserved for its initial drop, and 50k will go to the highest roller instead. Each recurring drop will be rolled between the players who attend on a regular basis.

Experience in this raid is NOT necessary, I am willing to take on board any decent lvl 85 player who is willing to listen and learn quickly, Ventrilo is also required.

If you are interested in these runs, please message or mail me in-game for details/calendar invite.


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