[A] <Enduring> 10m Recruiting for MoP Raiding

<Enduring> a level 25 raiding guild 14/16 and 1/12 ToT on [A]Stormrage. We are a small guild with a laidback, friendly, fun, zero drama atmosphere. Our focus is heroic raiding with many of our members and leaders raiding and clearing since Vanilla.

Not a hardcore guild with raid times Monday and Thursday 7:45 – 11:30 PM Eastern Time. We may add another raid day during the weekday for MoP. Alt run raids is something we like to do as well.

We are recruiting dedicated raiders to complete our roster for 10 MAN MoP progression. We are currently in need of the following roles:

*1 Tank (Immediate Need; Prefer DK but not necessary)

*1 Healer (Immediate Need; Pref Resto Shaman or Holy Paladin)

*1 Ranged DPS

All applications will be considered, even if your class and/or role is not currently a priority. When evaluating applicants, raid time availability is the key factor. If you are a skilled player who fits in well, we have no problems gearing you up. The core members of Enduring have been raiding together for years and would love to find a few more people to enjoy the game with. We aim for a roster of 13-15 active raiders so everyone gets significant raiding time.

>>Please visit our website www.EnduringGuild.com for more details and application.

Or Feel free to contact one of the officers in-game with any questions:

Mikayshen (GM)
Bellacopia (Raid Leader)
Serix (Recruitment Officer)

Come join us in Mists of Pandaria! Thank you for your consideration.
update to include a tank!
We have a new website address! Check us out at www.EnduringGuild.com
Bumping for good bumping purposes.
We will start raiding week of 10/8/2012!

Healers are top priority.
Raids start this week!

Could use HEALERS and a few more Ranged DPS.

Apply at www.EnduringGuild.com
Raids start tonight!

Still have room for Healer and Ranged DPS.

Apply at www.EnduringGuild.com or contact an officer in game!
Bump for updated role needs.

We don't have a mage, at all. Please help us fix that.

Check out www.enduringguild.com or contact an officer in game.
Bump! Still recruiting especially HEALERS!
Bumping to hope for more ranged recruits.
What are your feelings about a melee? I'm ilvl 471 and 4/6MSV.
468 holy pally here looking to possibly realm/faction transfer.

Add me to battletag if you wish to have a talk about a raid spot: Supersruzz #1535
Current at 4/6 MV normal experience.
Bump to the top, since we still can use a few people.
I'm considering a realm transfer. ilvl 475 arms/fury warrior. Still need melee?

Hello all. I apologize for the delayed response. We are full with melee DPS and tanks at the moment.

We are 4/6 and could use a HEALER or two as well as Ranged DPS.
can my 463 disc priest join?
Xilva please submit an application on our website for the priest www.EnduringGuild.com

Also we now have an opening for a melee dps!!

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