[H]Impervious-Arthas~LF DK/Pa DPS for Tuesday

<Impervious> is a freshly transferred guild to [H]Arthas, looking to fill out our 10-man core group with a STR melee DPS. We are a hardcore/semi-hardcore guild with a laid back atmosphere and a tight knit group of friends who just enjoy playing together and progressing through content as quickly as possible. We down-sized for the expansion but most of our accomplishments were on [A]Bonechewer as we were #1 for our faction.

Raid Times:
Monday 9-12 EST
Tuesday 9-12 EST
Wednesday 9-12 EST

(Be aware our schedule may vary with the first 8 weeks of MoP due to college scheduling conflicts.)

Loot System:
In theory, it would be described as a free roll system with MS before OS but in practice it will more likely involve passing gear to those that would get the best use out of it as we will be a very small group-oriented raid.

VOIP: Mumble

Currently Recruiting:
Ret Paly
Frost/Unholy DK

(Please already be 90 and at least 455 ilvl )

If this sounds like a guild that you would be interested in then please feel free to contact either Stormpaws(Vylee#1719), Quiver(Unbound#1564), or Albinohorns(Albino#1970) or feel free to ask anyone in the guild who's online at the moment to get a hold of us.
Preferences have been changes also only 12 more days...
11 more days, still looking, want to be set by launch night
9 more days, one less spot to fill!
One week to go looking for one last player, healer or tank.
6 days and counting still looking for that DK tank or priest healer!
One last spot to fill. Join us for some fun hardmode raids!
To the top!
Refined our search just to a last healer! GOGO
Welcome to Arthas!!!
bump before bed
Bump for a great bunch of guys

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