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Hey guys,

Before I ask let me just say that I've only been back from a 2-year long WoW break for about two months now, therefore I have not spent as much time in LFR DS as a lot of others have, but overall I have really enjoyed it.

My guild has been very quiet throughout the Cataclysm so when I returned and found out about the LFR system I was stoked!

My problem with it is griefing and trolling. I understand that when you group with 24 other random players you have to expect some rotten eggs, but some of the runs I've been in were so bad that the raid group actually disbanded because the amount of griefers, trolls, and simply bad players was too great to play against.

Should I be expecting similar results from LFR in MoP? Some people I've spoken to say that LFR was great when it was first released, people were polite, organised, and took it seriously enough to actually get it done without countless wipes due to idiocy... others say it's always been a hit-and-miss, some runs are smooth, and others just don't get anywhere.

TL;DR - Can we expect the same level of griefing/trolling in LFR for MoP content?
Human behavior cannot be nerfed by Blizzard.

So yes.
Hmmm, it's a tough call. The issue with LFR as a tier goes on is that the serious raiders (the people you can usually rely on to take it seriously and not screw around, as well as having pretty high dps/heal/survivability numbers) don't need any gear for any spec, so for them it's only about badges - and for players like myself, HoTs are a much less stressful way to get badges.

I'd imagine at the start of MoP you'd get a lot of good groups as people genuinely need the gear, including those serious raiders, but as the tier goes on you'll see more and more tom foolery.
Things are slightly better very early expansion when LFR is not just a daily, say the first couple weeks of a new raid being released on LFR. Beyond that, though, I wouldn't expect people to change. Some groups will be good, some bad. It's kind of the luck of the draw when dealing with randoms.
At the start, you won't see them as often. simply because they want the gear there as much as anyone else. Once the trolls get to the point where there is nothing in LFR they need then they will start the griefing again.
Yea I guess it makes sense for people to be polite enough when they need others to help them get something...

Just means I have to get as much LFR in as I can, as quickly as I can, and hopefully by the time the trolls leave their caves, my guild will be ready for regular raids again... fingers crossed.

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