Ret Glyphs?

Can anyone help on what Major Glyphs are best for ret? None are really jumping out at me and I am not sure which I should use.

Thanks :)
As Sparkle said, very situational. I'd recommend as a default choice Templar's Verdict (10% damage reduction which is up most of the time). Personally, I like the sound of Mass Exorcism (exor becomes melee only but does aoe damage to all enemies within 8 yards of the primary target) as usually you'll be in melee anyway (though for boss encounters without adds it's obviously not ideal, and could be swapped out of).

The third choice is even more flexible - I personally like Word of Glory. It's a dps loss from using a flat Templar's Verdict, but you'll suffer even more of a dps loss if you let someone die because you didn't cast WoG, and at least with the glyph the dps loss is less painful.
TV glyph is nice. I kind of want to play with the two WoG glyphs they sound good at least.
I think the purpose of the glyph revamp was to give you more choices that were all useable and viable that way everyone cant just cookie cutter it like theyve been doing with glyphs/talents since the game came out. Therefore it really comes down to your personal preference my friend :D.
Most of them are lame if you ask me. There's a few nice survival glyphs but overall you can not take any and it won't matter.
None of them are 'best'

Which is the point of the new glyph system.
Templars Verdict is pretty much a no brainer

Inquisition is bad, no one should take it, period

Mass Exorcism increases aoe damage

Double Jeopardy gives a damage boost when switching targets

Harsh Words give you a ranged option(though you should remember to make a /target self macro for it as well)

Avenging Wrath and Divine Storm add self healing to the abilities
Wouldn't mind using GoDJ if it wasn't for it's switch target requirement.

It's just so stupid.
I beg to differ about Immediate truth being a dps loss. On paper it is a loss but from what I have been seeing it doesn't transfer over in practice. I am seeing the glyph work very nicely with our over the top burst, and through fights such as spine and madness my sustained has been much higher than without the glyph. Of course there is a lot of target swapping in these fights which makes Very good use of up front damage, where as regular tank spanks its overall output is slightly lower than without the glyph, albeit not by much.
Even on madness where there are a lot of short-lived grouped targets, you are on high-health targets long enough that it's a huge loss during raiding.

To have it actually be a dps gain, you would essentially have to go an entire fight without ever getting censure to three stacks... when I do madness, I spend a lot of the fight with five stacks of censure on two targets.
All our glyphs are more of a "What is useful?" rather than "Omg so many cool choices what should I use?"

TV is univeral I would agree. Can't go wonrg with damage reduction in pve when getting hit by aoe due to learning or unavoaidable. And of coures pvp is a no brainer.

They flipped Divine Protection around. So if you pvp it be good to glyph to bring it back to 20% physical reduction as well.

After that nothing stands out. It's all situation as said but it's very spefic situations that you won't notice a differance on either way imo.

Warlock minor: dreadsteed leaves flames AND can run on water
Paladin minor: Charger sparkles.

yeah... f blizzard.
While I would normally agree with you from what I saw from my numbers over the last 2 weeks, immediate truth was coming out on top. Unfortunately I can't back that up with any evidence on hand so I can't really argue the fact =(
I don't know, maybe there is a point where damage input from gear starts to overtake the censure damage, but now Im just taking air swings and have no idea really.
Wouldn't mind using GoDJ if it wasn't for it's switch target requirement.

It's just so stupid.

Double jeopardy isn't so bad, just make a mouse over for judgement.
Harsh Words, Word of Glory and Templar's Verdict are my three of choice.

Harsh Words gives you the ability to function at range, Word of Glory gives you slight payback if you ever have to give up a TV for a WoG and at the moment works with a Harsh Words WoG as well and TV is nearly constantly up for a nice bit of damage reduction.

Mass Exo has great potential on multi target encounters.
Harsh Words and Word of Glory. Lets you get the damage boost while still doing damage besides healing someone. If you are specced into Divine Purpose use WoG when it procs again for the 9% damage increase.
use whatever seems to give you personally the most bang for your buck in major glyphs, and use whatever makes you feel pretty in minor glyphs. that's pretty much it.

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