Looking for a raid group for MoP

Hi, I use to raid with a group of friends but for the most part they all quit playing. Over the past tier I pugged a lot of DS. Pugs were always hit or miss, but I would like to get back into doing raids with a set group of people. Been playing my paladin since Wrath of the Lich King.

I usually play ret or prot paladin, but I also have a hunter or dk. But between the Paladin and hunter are the classes I know the best. I read various forums to get the latest updates on recommended stat priorities and rotations. I always try to look up all the raids fights before going into a raid so I know whats going on.

Here are some logs from pick up groups I joined
DS 6/8 H 10 man - http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-pqhs9nm700q0lprl/

Ultrixion H 25

My item level when I did these was 397.
Hey there my guild Eternal Redemptiion just moved to Arthas we are recruiting for 2 10 man groups atm. Wednesday/Thursday 7-/11pm server also recruiting for our weekend core 8-/11pm weekends not set in stone days yet also may have a 4th group if needed . These are for core spots in MoP. All casuals are welcome also if you end up not being able to raid full time we can work you in as a sub also.


Hello there Zumi! Our guild Impervious, newly transferred to Arthas is looking to recruit a Ret paladin for our core raiding 10 man group. We are a hardcore/semi-hardcore guild with a laid back atmosphere and a tight knit group of friends who just enjoy playing together and progressing through content as quickly as possible.

Reforming on a new server we have no accomplishments here, but we were the #1 25 man guild alliance side on Bonechewer.

We will be raiding 9-12 Est on Mon, Tues, Weds.

Contact me or anyone currently on in Impervious and ask for either myself or Vylee if you have any questions.
Not sure if one of these guys above me got ya first, but my guild Deus Et Machina recently moved to Arthas as well. We're looking to recruit for a core 10m raid group.

Take a look at my thread and let me know if it's of any interest to ya!


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