WoW Mobile Armory For Windows Phone 7.

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Blizz, please develop the mobile armory app for WP7! PLEASE!
I doubt they will spend the money or resources to make that happen for both of you.
Since the development for the only one available armory app for WP7 is discontinued the users of this platform are completely left outside.

Was thinking of developing my own app, but I don't want to start something what can get obsolete if Blizzard releases it's own app and they are very silent about this subject, so I'm stack here.
Would love an app made from Blizzard for the Windows Phone 7 & 8 devices, as they have an authenticator its not hard to make the armory app. We [besides BB people] are the only platform smart phone wise left in the dark by Blizzard. Show some love :)
3 months on, anyone heard of anything in the works?
the authenticator is really fast on my WM8 phone. Would love to have armory access again :D
I agree. Windows mobile 8 is a great OS now and we definately NEED an armory app. The one I have that was developed by an outsider just isn't good enough. I would even pay money for the Blizz armory app.
I agree. Blizz Please.
I need too. plz.
I agree. Blizz Please.
Worth necro'ing an old thread for. Have an HTC Trophy. Would be awesome to have an app for the Windows 7 and 8 phones. :)
Yes please, WoW Mobile Armory for Windows Phone 8 !
I think this falling on deaf ears. I wish we could get the app too, but blizz is more worried about crApple and hemorrhoid users.
Please, bring Mobile Armory to Windows Phone.
Adding my request for a Windows Phone version of the Mobile Armory app.

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