LF Laid-Back (H) Guild for MoP

After Firelands, I took a major break from WoW, and while I was away, my guild of almost 2 years server hopped to Blackhand. I miss seeing people talk in guild chat, and am simply looking for an active guild made up of casual folks, or a raiding guild that accepts casual folks. I'm rather shy and tend to stick to myself when doing things, but I love doing dungeons with guildies, and am a mature person when necessary. I do, however, love to swear, and poke fun =P

Lvl 25 guild preferred; I have a lot of alts, and love leveling them. The perks would be a bonus.
Diablerie is always open to folks that take a casual approach to the game. We always have a few people lvling or something. Just get in touch with anyone in game and they can talk more with you.

We do have a smaller guild, but always helpful and friendly

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