Gained an achievement, but not the reward.

I finally popped the [Petting Zoo] achieve by getting a Fossilized Hatchling and I have not recieved Nuts anywhere.

His acorn is not in my bag/bank/mailbox, and he is not in my Pet Journal.

Has anyone else come across this/a similar problem?
Look for it in your pets.
09/09/2012 02:11 AMPosted by Omang
Look for it in your pets.

09/09/2012 12:34 AMPosted by Sken
he is not in my Pet Journal


Actually, strangely enough, I received Nuts in the mail on my alt the day the patch went live, but that toon had "already known" it because of sharing it with my main... so it sits in her bags, useless.

Not the same issue, but strange and out-of-place nonetheless.
I've been able to send/receive mail from my guildies and alts, so my mail isn't bugged.

I guess some things will be "playful" with a new expansion on the horizon, lol
Check your Journal again, and keep checking. I got the 100 mounts on my Horde character, and the Red Dragonhawk didn't show up for 3 or 4 days, but it just appeared there.

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