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I'm not currenly in game much as I am awaiting the expansion, can anyone tell me if in game events have started (are coming)? I always love these and would jump back in for them.

There is no MoP event.
The "event" is the early release of the Fall of Theramore scenario as a level 85 scenario (it will be bumped to 90 when MoP launches). It will come out on the 18th.
It isn't so much an event as a sneak preview. It is just the Theramore scenario retuned to lvl 85 and it wont be out until the 18th.

If you don't come back you will still be able to do the scenario at 90 so you wouldn't miss out on anything besides a FoS and some gear I think.
The in game event is a scenario which will be available at level 85 for a week and then as again at 90.
That's it? I would have thought they would amp up their game... nevermind.
I'am a little confused about how you guys even got this information I read my recent Blizzard Insider in my email and it mentions nothing checked the web site for in game launch events on the web sites calendar and the in game calendar, and surfed the offical wow and mysts of pandaria web sites... information about in game launch events that everyone knows about should be a little easier to find.
Please Blizzard a little more communication on said events would be good for everyone.
read the forums that you are posting in. sheesh!
09/16/2012 11:32 AMPosted by Adoricia
Please Blizzard a little more communication on said events would be good for everyone.

Here's a sticky where they discuss the Theramore scenario (a.k.a the pre Mists event).
Thank You Novalas and Sry Zel i did several searches in the forums but nothing came up but this one and a few posts on the Real World events at the various locations around the world... prolly because i didn't use the word "senario". I tried the Forums but i failed to just generally browse them because i find that is a huge waste of my play time. I enjoy the days when the events were on the web page calendar back in wow vanilla.
Still it would be nice if this was in the Blizzard Insider Email, on the in game calendar, and on the web page armory event calendar... I think a one time launch event should get a little more attention IMHO.

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