[H]erding Cats -- Sparkle Magic LF Tank/DPS

Herding Cats, a 10M progression raid in <Sparkle Magic> is seeking one lovely tank to continue with T14 content in Mists of Pandaria.

There was some discussion about changing our name to "Herding Pandas" to one with the new the expansion theme, but it turns out that Pandas are just another type of cat! ("Ailuropoda melanoleuca 'black and white cat-foot'" or "Ailurus fulgens or 'shining-cat'" for the cute lil red ones.)

We currently have 1 Warrior tank and 1 DK tank that would like to go DPS.

- LF 1 Monk / Paladin / Druid tank


- 1 Hunter or Warlock

We aren't only looking for player skill, though we want that too. But every bit as important is that you need to fit in with our merry band of miscreants. We're mature, responsible, rarely absent from raids, and just generally work well together. To fit in with us you'll need to be 18 or older, have a sense of humor (weird is good) and a good attitude (don't whine if you have to sit for a fight, and don't lose patience with a little in-raid nuttiness), be drama free, and not in any way, shape or form be a loot...um...you know (the prudish forum filters won't let me say the "w" word).

You should lvl 90 and be geared in 463 heroic gear, but we can help with that. Oh, and this should go without saying with a guild named Sparkle Magic on Proudmoore, but you should be GLBT-friendly.

We are not a "hardcore" raid, but we definitely take raiding seriously. We pride ourselves on treating our team members with respect and having fun while we raid. After all, if it's not fun, what's the point? In the end it's all just pixels.

We're looking for team players who will help us make even better progression against those vile Panda invaders. Are you our next Cat Herder?

Our raid nights are:
Wednesday: 6:00pm - 10pm
Sunday: 3:00pm-7:00pm

Times are Pacific (server time)

To apply, go to http://sparklemagic.wowstead.com and click on the Recruitment link. We would like a World of Logs parse for DPS'ers, if you have it. Please be prepared to provide it. And make sure you specify in your app that you're applying for "Herding Cats." If you have questions about Sparkle Magic or the team, you can contact me (battletag: Kuro#2985) or Quorn/Qiubear in-game.
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Slight correction: message Qiubear, not Quibear, in-game if interested.
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