[A] Serene (10 Man) Recruiting for MOP


Guild Name: Serene
Faction: Alliance
Realm Type: PVP
Raid Times: Raid times and days are still being decided but it looks it will be Wed/Thurs 6:30-9:30 ST. (7:30-10:30 Eastern Standard Time) for progression.
We are also recruiting all classes for our second raid group currently being planned for Tue/Thurs 8 ST-11 ST. 9-12 Eastern Standard Time).
Openings: Wed/Thurs raid needs 1 DK/Pally Tank and Tue/Thurs raid is in need of 1 ranged DPS. Hunter/Lock.
Loot: Loot distribution is still being discussed.
Progression: Only went 3/8 HM in DS due to some issues in guild.


Serene(Level 25) is currently recruiting all classes for our core raiding group in MOP. We are a casual group of adult players just looking to enjoy the game we all have dedicated so much time to. Aside from raiding, we have a few PVP'ers. We encountered some issues and drama in Cataclysm but are looking to bounce back in MOP.

We are looking for players who really know their class, while being able to take constructive criticism from other players. We expect our raiders to not only perform up to par with their current gear level, but be competitive. Our goal is to have a quality group of raiders that genuinely enjoy playing with each other.

Also, socials of any level are welcome to join. We also put together runs every week, for transmog and old achievements etc.

Please feel free to message myself, Alleron or Asfixiation in game for any questions. Ralph2580@gmail.com is my RealID.

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