<Lucid> [H] 10M 7/8HM Recruiting for MoP

Area 52
Lucid is a 10 man end-game Horde raiding guild, comprised of a group of experienced long-time raiders and friends along with some new faces. The guild was originally formed on the Greymane server in 2011, and transferred to Area 52 in August 2012 in order to have the opportunity to play on a more active server. We strive to provide a mature, fun, drama free environment, while also maintaining fast and solid progression through raid content.

We will be running two raid groups in MoP, with the early group raiding from 9-12ST Tues/Wed, and the late group raiding from 12:30-3:30ST Tues and either Wed or Sat.

Currently we are recruiting a Resto Shaman for the 9-12ST group, and strong ranged DPS for the late group.

Our application form can be found on our website at www.lucid-guild.enjin.com

If you have any questions, please contact Brandei or Melyx in game.
Still have an opening for a good resto shammy. Please apply online, or whisper in game!

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