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Battle Trance (Level 25), started out on the Alliance and toward the end of Cataclysm, transferred to Horde. We have always been a close group of helpful friends who pride ourselves in maintaining a mature, welcoming atmosphere within our guild. It is important to us that everyone feels included and truly part of our community.

Although it got a somewhat late start in the expansion, Battle Trance saw its fair share of success and glory in Cataclysm. We achieved our first Dragon Soul full clear in March and went on to clear it regularly each week thereafter. We also cleared all other Cataclysm raids successfully, which allows us to offer the Dark Phoenix mount. A few of our members went on to experience some hard-mode content while others delved into the world of PvP.
Following the whirlwind of activity, Battle Trance decided to take a collective break before the expansion. Now we are back and ready to start up once more!

Currently Recruiting:
All non-cloth DPS

We are a casually progressive 10 man guild that is in its rebuilding stage as we prepare for Mists of Pandaria. If you are new to raiding or returning after a long hiatus, Battle Trance might be a great place for you, as we do not require you to have a lengthy resume of raid experience. We are an equal opportunity raiding guild! What we do require, however, is the following:

Raid Times: Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 8:00 – 11:00 PM (Server Time)

Understand that when you sign up for a raid, it is a commitment. If an emergency happens and you cannot make it, we ask that you try to communicate that to us.

To reiterate, we welcome new raiders and do not mind giving a helping hand. That said, we ask that you understand your own responsibilities for learning your class rotation, gems, reforging, etc.

Raiding can be a fun but tedious experience. Progression takes patience! That said, we also want you to know that you will never be singled out and put down in any way. If there is a problem with your raid performance, we will help you to troubleshoot it constructively and privately after raid.

It is extremely important that you be able to accept constructive criticism. Our goal is to work with our raiders in order to help them. Everyone makes mistakes. No one should be humiliated for them. But if you are approached regarding issues about raid performance, you must understand that it is not personal. The intent is to help you which, in turn, helps the team as a whole.

We like to see a fairly high level of activity. We don’t expect you to be online 24/7, but we strongly discourage people from logging on only for raid nights. If we see this happen frequently, there is a chance you will be replaced. Pulling your own weight includes more than just your raid performance. We ask that everyone contribute to the guild bank by providing crafting mats, gems, consumables, etc. We also like to see people online and working together in heroics and other activities. With MoP, we will have scenarios and challenge modes to work on together. We want Battle Trance to truly be a team both inside and outside of the raid environment.

Battle Trance does have an age requirement of 18+. This is for raid schedule/attendance reasons and also to help preserve the quality of environment within our guild.

By joining Battle Trance, you are not required to raid. If you prefer to join simply for the social atmosphere, that is fine and you are welcome! We even have some folks who enjoy relaxing with a bit of RP now and then.

Thank you again for your interest. We will be tackling 10 man content in the upcoming expansion and invite you to join us!

Contact Information:
Send tell or in-game mail to Lani, Faketank, Roeberto, or Jasline
You can also reply to this thread as we check it regularly
Our website is getting updated and will be available soon!
<Reserved for updates>

Website is up and running. Please visit to apply!

We now have one position available for a druid or shaman healer. Please visit the site listed above to read over our information and to apply! Thanks!

Congrats to Battle Trance for reaching level 25 last night! Nice work guys :)
Good morning, Moon Guard!
Zubzar Approves. Zubzar wishes there was Bacon in the guild bank..
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Wait...were you always a goblin...? I've been away too long....
I was born this way, if that is what you are asking. "Bump"
Someone bake me something.
'Evening Moon Guard :)
ill bake you a ticket to HELL!!! Zubzar is now Happy.
Night folks. See ya in the AM.
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ill bake you a ticket to HELL!!! Zubzar is now Happy.

Not good enough.

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