402 resto druid 6/8 hm

Hi guys posting this for a mate from jubei who is having problems using the forums atm.

402 ilvl resto druid lf core raiding spot end cata and into mop prog pst for more info
feel free to contact him in game on that toon thnx guys
+1 Horde
I never could get used to troll druids.

Tauren for lyf
I'm Terra.
im blazer
09/07/2012 04:30 AMPosted by Giy
troll druids

Again, I'm Terra.
09/07/2012 07:26 AMPosted by Terra
troll druids

Again, I'm Terra.

Hey OP+ Gunga who he is posting for >.>,

hold my peace is a 10 man raiding guild on the Frostmourne server looking for people who are aiming to clear content whilst it is current.

Our raid times are:
Australian Daylight Savings Time (AEST)/Server Time (+10GMT)
Monday, Wednesday & Thursday
7.00pm – 10.30pm

I believe this fits closesly into your preferred raiding times. Would LOVE to take on a resto druid for a core position in our MoP team.

If you'd like to drop in an app please go to http://holdmypeace.shivtr.com , or alternatively whisper Shadedmedic, Gabriellis or myself in game for a chat. Hope to hear from you!

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