Insane in the Membrane!

I want to start this off by saying that I'm sorry for having to start another one of these threads for this achievement. I searched a few of them, and none of them covered my specific problem, as far as I could see.

I'm having a problem. I started my achievement recently by kicking things off with getting Avast Ye, Admiral! So now I've moved on to starting my grind towards the insane. This morning, I made honored with Bloodsail. Before kicking off my now reverse grind, I did some reading on some of the ways to do it and made my decision. I was going to do a combo of cloth rep turn ins, and pirate killing. I was reassured in my reading that I would NOT have to maintain my Bloodsail rep, as it had already been ticked off, as I was tracking the achievement in the ui. I was confident I could now fix my Steamwheedle rep.

So I dove in. I gathered up cloth and started turning in. Lo and behold, after a few turn ins, the tracker now says that I need to be honored with Bloodsail again, even though there is language stating that I do not need to maintain it.

So which is it, can I continue on with the turn ins and disregard maintaining the rep, or do I have to grind back to honored, and then maintain my Bloodsail rep?

For the record, I started this whole thing by doing the quests in Booty Bay, and getting to where you infiltrate the Bloodsails and then when BB phases, I set my rep to at war with BB and started the grind for Avast Ye, Admiral!, as from what I could tell, that would make my rep grind easiest.

If you need me to clarify anything, just ask.
I'd be very curious to see the answer to this question as well. I did the Bloodsail rep grind the same way you did, and then did the cloth turnins to recover my goblin rep. I have the achievement pulled up on the "Objectives" tab and Honored with Bloodsail Buccaneers has stayed off the unfinished criteria listing since the first time it was achieved, it didn't reappear. I'm hoping that means it's done?
If they've changed how the achievement works in 5.0.4, I feel very sorry for you. It might be worth ticketing a GM about, they will be able to see that you did have Bloodsail - Honored before destroying it again.
It is possible they've made it require them all at the same time now, though I've not seen any announcement of this.
If it is, not too big a problem for you, grinding Steamwheedle while keeping Bloodsail really isn't that bad, I think I was getting around 2k rep per hour solo, and nearly 5k per hour in a group of 3. This is at Lost Rigger Cove in Tanaris. The pirates there have a minimum spawn amount, you can never ever kill all of them as once you drop below a certain number, which I've heard is 40%, some automatically respawn immediately.

What we did was split up to cover the whole of the lower camp and drop our guild banners (now 15m duration, 10m cd, so as long as you don't go too far from it and despawn it, you can have it constantly) then each kill the pirates in our areas. It was literally continuous killing, the only times I ever ran out of pirates to kill in my area was when one of the others had gone afk or taken a break. You receive the rep from mobs killed even if you're at the opposite end of the camp from them.

If you have trouble finding anyone else who wants to do it, I've actually seen cross-realm steamwheedle farming groups posted on Openraid, apparently with the new cross-realm zones you can group up and do this with people not on your server.
I can personally confirm that the achievement appears to require all the components *simultaneously*.
I never really saw how it was 'insane' when you can just get half the rep back in like 40 minutes.
09/22/2012 08:40 AMPosted by Potsu
I never really saw how it was 'insane' when you can just get half the rep back in like 40 minutes.

You never had to do Shen'dralar. (Though I guess you did it pre-Wrath...)

To be honest, I'm glad to see this change; Insane is supposed to be hard.
I can personally confirm that the achievement appears to require all the components *simultaneously*.

As I said in the other topic:

"I've a recent (less than three weeks) ticket answered that confirms that you only have to achieve the reputation once and it will count towards the achievement even if you are hated afterwards :)"

You only have to had the reputation at honored once, as you can get this achievement with bloodsail bucanners at hated.

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