Hearld Of The Titan Group Seeks More! 8/9/12

So, we already completed this achievement as its fairly faceroll now. We are looking to get a few more guildies the title and may have possible open spots. Feel free to armory Siliskorr to show i've already got it.

-Would love DPS and/or Raid Healers

Defeat Algalon the Observer in 10-player mode at level 80 without anyone in the raid wearing any equipment with an item level higher than is available in 10-player Ulduar.

232 or Below Weapons
226 or Below Anything Else

Run time is approximately 4pm Server, We have a lockout and we use Mumble
A Cauldorn will be provided, bring your own food

No Greens, No Heirlooms, Would prefer as little blue as possible.
Please be enchanted/gemmed/reforged accordingly

This run should take approximately no longer than an hour, as all are familiar with it and should go fairly smooth
pay for a faction change, i'll help you boo
Hey, this is Abefroman. This battle.net is messed up for me right now and won't let me change which character I post on. But we already spoke in-game. Just posting here to confirm. Thanks!
The sausage king of Chicago?
I'll consider it (I'm not the OP even though we have the same achievement points :p).
Ill take this challenge on, Brodgers, The bang soaker. Spriest.
09/07/2012 08:12 PMPosted by Newwarlock
pay for a faction change, i'll help you boo

Hey boo, We 2 shot him<3 But thanks for your offer. Was Healrd Run #3 Also, instead of me paying. Maybe you should actually come back to the propper faction so i can carry you to more Tribute To Insanity's :D <3

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