Why did the darkmoon faire end early?

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On my calender darkmoon ends tonight at midnight but it is already gone
it says 12 noon. on the eastern one that means 9am around here.

edit: misread ><.
For me it says 11:59 PM which is right before midnight tonight
Weird on my alliance toon it is still there but not on my horde toon relogging
yep it is not on my horde toon
Yeah, the teleporter is still available to send you to the staging grounds, but no faire. Odd.
appears to be horde related
I'm sitting in the middle of it right now, so I don't know why you're having a problem with your horde characters.
no horde on my server can find it
I was bored enough to make this character on your server to take a look.

It's entirely a cross-server zone merge issue. Regardless of what your server's normal time is, you're sharing Mulgore with somewhere that currently thinks it's 6am Sunday, so the faire's gone. Elwynn, on the other hand, says it's 1pm Saturday, and still has the faire portal available.

The portal's not faction restricted, I was able to take this guy through the Elwynn one.
Are we going to receive our trinkets as promised for the work we put in into acquiring these Decks or is Blizzard going to ignore this issue, resulting in much negative reputation for them?

It's sad how they ignore the minority populations in this game and their issues; however God forbid there's a small bug in raid!! They'll take your items away or whatever.

Oh, you just spent an entire week, almost 60K+ gold of herbs, and 20+ hrs of your time working on these decks?... sorry we screwed you over but tough luck!
This is something you will want to put in the general forums, as that is the best place for that feedback.

This thread is also old.

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