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Guild Recruitment
<Dark Ascent> is a 10 man progression guild from Fenris, US. We are a very friendly guild looking to expand our ranks. We have been together as a guild since WotLK. We raided during Cata (BoT, BwD, Throne, all on farm). Unfortunately, some of our core members had Real-Life issues and had to quit playing. As soon as we fill out our core raiding team, we will jump back into it again though!

Guild Environment

We like to think of our guild as a community. We know everyone's first names. We like to get to know people better than just in game info. We like to engage in different activities outside of raiding, such as: Working on guild progression, achievements, mount runs, Titles, Transmog runs, BG's every once in a while, and also do Older content as well (raids, achieve's, etc...). We believe that gaming should be fun, and not over-stressful. Bad attitudes, name calling, greed, and favoritism will not be tolerated and will be dealt with accordingly.


We are not a hard-core raiding guild, but we do take our raids seriously. LF competent, reliable people to push regular and heroic content and leave their ego's at the door. If someone signs up for a raid, they need to show up and be on time. We research the fights beforehand. We always have the correct gems/enchants for all of our gear. We expect everyone to be fully prepared, have the ability to listen to strategy, and focus on the tasks at hand when needed. We are not looking to recruit bench-positions, We are Looking for full time raid positions ( healer, off-tank, and a few dps).


We are currently recruiting all classes and levels, so that our guild and our members can progress together. Please do not ask for an invite if you are not an active player. ( we don't want those people who sign on once a month and that's it). Also, please be at least 18 years old, as we are a mature guild and would like to keep it that way ;). If you are interested in joining or just have a question, please send a whisper or in-game mail to Laea (GM) or Briis (2nd in-charge).
hello all
good morning all
hello all
Still recruiting ;)
hey all still looking for some great people to join us.
hey all still need more people
hello all
Recruiting all classes/levels ;)
hey all good day
hello all
hey hey
hey all
hey hey
Hey Briis are you guys still recruiting? I would like to be in a raiding guild, not super core raiders and not too casual, so when I am level 90 I can jump into raiding as soon as I can. If you can, message me in game sometime if you can, I'm usually on for a lot of the day.
hey all still in need of people msg me in game or in here let me whats up

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