<The Revenant> Preparing for MoP, Recruiting.

Guild History & Focus:

The Revenant is a well-established level 25 guild that has been around since 2006. The guild is under new leadership and will be focusing more on raiding in Mists of Pandaria. We have always raided, albeit very casually and would like to ante up with raiding and focus more toward that aspect of WoW in the future. If we get the interest and the people for it, I aim to set up PvP Plow/RBG groups as well. Below you will see what The Revenant is looking for in guild members as well as what you can look forward to in The Revenant as a guild.

Guild Members Should:

  • Be Respectful and Mature; If one decides to join, they represent the guild as a whole. Being humble, courteous and honorable is a must. Negativity toward other players in guild or in general gaming will not be tolerated.
  • Be ambitious; interest in advancement of their characters, as well as the progress of their fellow guild members is a must when creating a solid team. Also, members whom know their class' roles and perform them to the best of their abilities, be an inspiration to your peers!
  • TEAM PLAYERS; "A guild is only as strong as its weakest member." When you help your guildies learn and grow as players the guild is stronger for it. Members who can cooperate with their guildies, understanding their methods and compliment them for maximum efficiency.
  • Be persistent; stay frosty rather than getting demoralized by a wipe, guild members should be able to recognize what went wrong and work together to fix it the next time around.
  • Achievement hunters are definitely welcome. We LOVE achievements!! :D
  • Have a sense of humor!! Who wants to come home from work to something that feels like another job? Not us!! We're in game to move forward, make friends and have Fun!
  • Feel free to speak their mind; Guild feedback is both important and valued. No one should fear for their spot within the guild or raid group. All issues will be treated fairly by the guild lead and officers with a strict no retaliation policy among guild members.
  • Guild Motto:

  • Your skills can be taught.
  • Your gear can be obtained.
  • Your attitude we are stuck with.
  • Applicants Can Expect:

  • An opportunity to raid!
  • A guild leader that cares; my primary concern as a guild lead is for my members. We succeed as one or we fall as one. This is not my guild it is our guild, first and foremost. I won't discriminate against anyone, unless you're a bloody gnome or dwarf. >:( Nah I kid. ;)
  • Helpful and knowledgeable guild officers.
  • Room for advancement; should you complement the needs of the guild there is always the possibility of being promoted to an officer. (Hint: The best candidates don't join up looking specifically for it, though. ;D ) As well as raid leaders.
  • A choice about raiding; raids will be a primary focus within the guild, but will not be mandatory. Everyone has a life outside of WoW and we want our guildies to enjoy it as much as they do the game!
  • Equality; every member will be a respected and valued part of the guild. This means that no one will be left to lag behind the rest of the group.
  • A simple and straightforward approach to looting.
  • Guild repairs and gold reward from guild bank coffers for completeing guild achievements. Legendary quests that require gold will be paid for by the guild bank as well.
  • Raid Times:

  • Raid Times will most likely be 7:30pm-11pm Server time (8:30-12am EST)
  • Days are to be announced as per members.
  • If you would like to hear more, you can send a tell to Nyterose. You may also sign up on the in-game looking for guild interface with a note indicating interest via Realm forums or /who
    The Revenant and ask a member about getting an invite. Also, submit an application at www.therevenant.dkpsystem.com and an officer or myself will get with you as soon as possible or /who The Revenant and ask a member about getting an invite. We look forward to hearing from you and playing with you. Thank you!
  • -The Revenant
    I would considering returning this toon to the Revenant (which I was a member of shortly tons of years ago when I started this toon) but I would have to know days before applying.
    Highly recommend these guys. They are a great bunch of ppl.
    You cant go wrong with the Rev. :)
    I have been in several guilds throughout my wow career and I have to say these guys were the best fit.

    If you like little to no drama, fairness, equality, FUN!!, and overall a nice laid back atmosphere then this is the place for you.

    If you like drama, screaming, belittling, condescending attitudes, unfairness, and a general harsh environment, then this ISN'T the guild for you.

    Good luck guys!

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