Resto Druid xfer looking for raiding guild

Area 52
I am currently thinking of xferring to this server and am looking for a guild to join if I do decide to transfer. I did take a long break before coming back recently so my current raid kills are not up to snuff but in the past I have been in very competitive guilds.

I am not looking for anything too hardcore but I am looking for a mature guild that knows what they are doing.

The only problem I have now is that I work until 9:30 est tues-fri and later on monday so raid times are kind of hard to work out

If you raid from 10 pm est to 2 am est 3 days tues-sun and are looking for a resto druid ( I am also proficient in tanking and feral dps but am willing to learn how to boomin) Just post on here and I'll check them out.
Good morning Varkur,

That does seem like a rather tough situation for getting in on raids. As a college student, I can sympathize a little bit :) You can check out more info in the Amicus Fortis recruiting post and other threads I've posted on, but basically we raid primarily on weekends (thinking of adding a Wednesday night that you might not be able to attend accord to what you've listed..), are moving from 10-man to 25-man raiding, are semi-hardcore (serious about progressing but not shattering our souls with it XD), and are looking for 5-6 ranged dps and 3 healers. If you're interested (even to just join a friendly level 25 guild), feel free to send me (Cilthera/Bendina) or Choss (aka Kaustick/Krazzlek/Gormach) a whisper or in-game mail about it.

Have a good rest of your day! :)

Cilthera, Guild Master of Amicus Fortis

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