Constructive Solutions for Cross Realm

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I'm going to try to be as constructive as possible.
Cross realm zones:
-Create choke points while questing
-encourage griefing by players camping mobs
-Cause unwanted lag
-Do not cause a sense of community and people still stick with their realms players.
-Make achievements done in the world hard such as netherwing reputation now.
-Make rare spawns such as Time-lost or aoenaxx more impossible then difficult.
-Cause economical crisis as resources will be limited.

Possible fixes:
-Allow cross realm in the sense if a player from say Stormrage invited a player from Illidan they could interact in the real world and other players on the leaders server would see the illidan player, Same concept but on a much smaller level and allows it as an option not forced.
-Undo the change entirely
-Have resources, spawns and reputation items be realm specific so players on other realms won't see an ore node in the same place as another.
-Change which zones are cross realm at the moment, I don't mind seeing other realms in blades edge or nagrand but when I can't find my servers players in Goldshire thats too much.

These are just my opinions and I'd like to hear what other players think could be done, I don't want complaints just solutions I may have missed.
I really wish I could say something constructive about the cross-server experience. But thus far all I have seen is it seems to breed further rudiness. The farming of needed items for professions has become frustrating to the point that half the time I just log out and wait till 3-4am to farm.
Waiting to kill bosses just to have someone snipe u. Really blizz...perhaps u could create a Que line for bosses....
I seriously hope u give up on this cross-server thing.
Just one more point I wish to make while I wait to even be allowed to log into Turaylon...If I'm going to have to wait to even be able to log in and play the game...perhaps u should drop your price.

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