Veteren Worgen looking for a guild

Wyrmrest Accord
As the title says I am looking for a guild, mind you he's one of my less active characters, but if I will try and attend any events you have planned. I'm also going to add a bit of background so you can get a bit of background on my character.

Born in Darkshire and raised in Stormwind, he lost his parents during the initial destruction of the city, he relocated to Lordearon and fought valiantly in the second war, where he lost his eye, he was eventually infected with the worgen curse while hunting orcs in Silverpine forest, and was eventually captured by the scourge in their attempts to create Deathknights from Worgen.
<The Silver Kingdom> Is a smaller guild but level 18, that you may be able to find a home in. Here's our forum: and once you've read what's there you can go to our website that's linked on there.

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