I saw him drop to his death so I quick shot over there to snag a ss for joking purposes and I wasn't quick enough to get it before he released.

You are a clown.

p.s. rating comments don't cover up how much of a downie you look like after posting on and on in a thread and end up being wrong the whole time. I'm done with this one lol.

p.s. your thread title, defensive responses, logic and mediocre trolling attempts make you look like the biggest "downie" these forums have seen in quite some time.
<3 you Bandet! You make very good constructive posts about hunters in the beta forums!

I hope to see you out PVPing sometime, I like learning from good folks.
Mogge how dare you succumb to the dark side. Im sure there are better hunters on ally. Take Fastfingers for expample. He didnt copy paste what the user manual says.
Hi, i'm Druidboots.
No, you are Dinofac.

Stop being a liar.



Okay, I am silenced. I can now do everything except lay traps, change my aspects, and revive my pet.


No,.. hunters are not op.. why would you think that?

Edit: mt

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