How does new raid looting work????

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K guys I just did my first raid it was a dragon soul raid in the raid finder. I have never done a raid before and my first was after the 5.0 patch release. Well the raid was a success and we never wiped except once when our team self destructed at Ultraixion which was kinda wierd my question is how does the looting work because through every boss I was never given the option to loot anything I just got a bag of bountiful land for all 5 bosses there was no rolling or anything can someone enlighten me on whats going on thanks. oH I did do the raid in full PvP gear does that have anything to do with it?

Anyways thanks any info would be helpful
for LFR only, the loot is automatically distributed. if you win an item it'll go into your bags automatically. The rolls arent show because the loot is individually generated.

basically there's an internal roll and if the internal roll is 85 or higher you receive an item from the loot table that you can use. item is selected at random but it will be an item you are eligible for.

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