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I haven't played in several months and just started up a subscription again. What happened to poisons? I have empty poison viles and they say they are obsolete now or whatever because of rogues discovery of replenishable vile pouches. I'm confused, can someone explain this to me please?
Check your spell book, I think they are in there.
Check you spell book there should be a Poisons option. It opens up into a infinite amount of poison. You can still coat your weapons in different ones. First one goes to main hand. Second is off hand.
Poisons are now in your spellbook.
Go into your respective specializations spellbook, skip to Ps, and it should be there. :)
Poisons now come from your spell book. You can have one lethal poison and one utility.

Lethal: Deadly, wound
Utility:Mind numbing, cripple, leech
Did you know that girl was poison? Poison.
They're in alphabetical order in your spell book.

Lethal Poison: Deadly (PvE) Wounding (PvP)
Utility Poisons: Fight Dependent (PvE) Crippling (PvP)
Ah, thank you very much!!!!
I have a rogue he has vanishing powder, a lock pick kit, and poison vials all of which were nessicary like four years ago before my rogue was able to just make stuff from thin air. Now im a magician rogue, poisons that somehow appear on me its AMAZING! Its kind of like hunters that don't use bullets but they always have bullets how you ask? They just appear on them.
I always wondered what happened to Poison too. Never much liked them in the 80's, but they did have that one hit single you hear from time to time - "Every Rose has a Thorn" or somesuch.

Oh wait, did you mean what the other 6 people talked about? dang.
Spell book - we now have a magic endless supply of poison, just like hunters have endless magic ammo supplies.

I was Very Happy to see the poisons still need to be reapplied every hour - it was a part of my routine and I was very afraid they would remove it.

edit Oh - and your poisons now apply to both weapons - so each weapon has up to two poisons on it. Main-hand/offhand application no longer applies. Also, because that might come up when you realize your throwing weapon slot is gone (if you haven't already) - ranged attacks like throw, deadly throw, and fan of knives now throw either one of your regular weapons or - my theory is - a throwing knife that comes from the same magical place the poisons do.

another edit Oh, and if you are doing arenas in the new season, pick up Shroud of Concealment in your talents. Stealthing your whole team into the ring is really fun.
[li][/li]i got deeze with my rouge
Its just a skill now, like a self buff.
You can apply one lethal and one non-lethal poison now.
you can't double up.

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