WTS Heroic Madness & Mount sat 9/15 4pm EST

Area 52
Selling Heroic Madness of Deathwing & the Life-Binder's Handmaiden for 100k. If you want extra in your run like 8/8hm or gear contact me and we'll discuss it. I'm not interested in runs that do not include purchase of the mount.

Send me a mail in game or post here if interested. I'll contact you before booking.
RealID: Josephkolowski@gmail.com
Sent you something in game, but also posting here for the sake of being thorough.

Interested, let me know.
You got mail :)

I still have 9/23 available for booking to all those still interested. Price is currently 135k which may go up. Book it now rather then later to get it while it's still cheap.
Only 1 day left that isn't booked. 9/23
Mist is coming fast reserve your mount!
bump... sunday 9/23 6:30pm last run unbooked. Get it while you can.
My firelands runs are completely booked up. I only have DS heroic madness mount runs available now. I may consider putting together additional FL runs for 200k or more offers.
I refuse to accept summons.

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