[A] <Delusions> 25-Man - 3 hours / 4 nights

Current Needs
3 DPS (Any class/spec)
1 Mistweaver
1 Holy Paladin

Exceptional healers of other classes (except Shaman) encouraged to apply as well.

The Basics
We are focused on 25-Man Heroic content.

We raid Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday, and Monday from 7:30pm-10:30pm Central Standard Time. Raiders are expected to be online and raid ready by 7:15.

Site: http://www.delusions-guild.com
Recruitment/App: http://www.delusions-guild.com/recruitment

In-Game Contacts: Odintial (Worgdin), Asular, Thorple, Edgetho, Prisbear
Email: delusionsguildGM@gmail.com

About Delusions
Delusions is the Mists of Panderia reformation of Delusions of Grandeur. DoG ran from vanilla through WotLK as the #1 guild on Draka. As is clear from our raid times we are not a guild chasing firsts. That said, our goal is always to treat raids as if we were. Delusions strives to fill the middle ground of casual and hardcore by playing at a very high level but with a reasonable time commitment. With only 12 hours of raid in the week we are not interested in wasting that, and by extension, your time.

We're in this to have fun, and for us that means playing well as individuals and as a group to clear the content available. That also means the attribute we place the most value on is how well you fit in with our atmosphere. Such a thing can't be covered too well in a simple 'about' section so all I'll cover is that our vent and guild chat is R rated. That's not a boast to say 'har har look how e-cool we are!'. We just want to be sure that potential applicants are aware of the type of environment our guild is.

About You, The Potential Recruit
You have vent and a working mic. You don't need to be a chatter box but you need to be comfortable communicating important information during raid encounters.

You know your class/spec inside and out. If ElitistJerks' servers blew up today you could provide the guide for your spec tomorrow.

Your goals in WoW all point to maximizing your performance in raids. This means you farm the needed reps, level appropriate professions, get the best enchants and gems, and reforge your gear intelligently. You come to raid with all the needed consumables. You understand that gold's purpose is to make sure you're raid ready, not make a really big number next to that shiny yellow coin icon.

You are just a little bit cocky. (Or a lot, but you hide it very well)

You understand that guilds don't maintain exactly 25 players and as such sometimes you sit. You remain ready and available to raid during raid time.

You can handle learning and adapting quickly during raids.

You read strats and watch videos. When the guild walks up to a new boss for the first time you don't need the strat overview from the raid leader on vent. You already know what's up and what is expected of your class/spec in the fight.

Delusions Loot Rules
Short Version: We use a modified version of EPGP. For full details please see here:
Oh, hello again.
We're almost to the magic number 25. Looking for more DPS of any kind. A blood DK or brewmaster monk would also be great. Another healer wouldn't hurt!
Still looking for DPS.
Been filling in for " The evolved " Since the release of MoP until their healer returned . I'm now looking for a new home. I'm a resto druid whos been raiding along time. Currently know all fights in vaults. If you have need for a mature adult player let me know.

Looking for DPS and a couple healers.

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