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Oceanic Guild Recruitment

<Handle It> is now looking for more dedicated heals to join us as we prepare for MoP and resume raiding in the expansion.

We'd prefer non-priests, but we are open to talking to all interested parties.
Even if you are not heals, feel free to contact Apervert or myself in-game or post any questions here.

About Us
Handle It moved to Aman'thul mid July with two of the original members to build up a raiding core group in our own time zone. Since moving we managed to have 4 DS groups of different player experience levels and clear DS a week.

Due to people taking breaks or real life commitments, we have vacancy for new blood looking to progress into MoP raids with us.

MoP Raid times
We are aiming to be more serious in MoP so instead of running 1 raid group a night, we will have 1 core group that raids Thursday and Sunday nights, 7:30pm - 11:30pm server time.
As we grow more we will add more teams when appropriate.

In raid guild repairs, feasts, flasks, gems and enchants provided for raiders.

Pst for more info or hit me up here :)
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