Is the Winterspring Frostsaber account bound?

Hi i have the Horde version of the Reins of the Winterspring Frostsaber. Does anyone know if this mount is account bound? I did get the achievement on all my toons but I don't seem to have the mount on all of them. I've been looking around and cant seem to find any info on wither this is intended or if its a bug.

Anyone have any info on this?


One! You double posted.

TWO! The winterspring frostsaber is an aliance mount ONLY. Horde can not get this mount. Horde get the venomhide raptor. So if your missing the winterspring on your horde toons that's why. LOL
chill.... sorry for the double post.

Maybe i should have been more clear. I have the Venomhide raptor on a horde toon but i wanna know if that mount is account wide... eg will i get the venomhide raptor on all my horde toons and the Winterspring frostsaber on all my alliance toons.

I did get the achievement on all my toons but didn't get any mounts. Is this intended or a bug.
No. Faction specific mounts, like the Frostsabre/Raptor can not be used by the other side.
They can be used by any characters on the correct side.
yes all aliance toon on all servers will get the winterspring frostsaber and all horde toons on all servers will get the venomhide raptor. But they stay faction bound.
I don't think he's asking to use the saber on his horde toon and raptor on his alliance. I believe he's asking, if he gets the raptor on his horde toon, does the alliance toons automatically have the saber.

Or I could be mistaken....

OP, I have the saber on my alliance toon. When I get home tonight I will check and see if my horde toons got the raptor automatically.

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