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Check us out! www.retributionKM.com

We are an adult oriented raiding guild that has been around for many years, stretching back into Vanilla. Our roots started on Khaz Modan, but we moved before the launch of Mists of Pandaria. We made our new home here, on Mal'Ganis, to have a stronger population and skill base to draw from.

We want to cater to people who are interested in clearing end game content in a progressive manner, while maintaining a semi-hardcore attitude. We are seeking mature individuals that wish to progress through MoP with us and beyond.

We understand that this is a game and as such understand when real life rears its ugly head.

We are currently 3/6H in MSV, 6/6N in HoF and 4/4 in ToES.

On to the Details:

Raid Nights - Tues, Wed, Thu
Times - 8pm to 11pm CST

Current Needs:
High Need: Restoration/DPS Shaman, Holy Paladin
Medium Need:
Low Need:

We are currently in need of people to take us beyond 10. We will rotate our players fairly week to week, so you will be part of the main roster. We prefer to have 12 so we can continue to progress, even if someone can't make it.

Even if you aren't on the list of classes we need, we will ALWAYS consider and often accept good players.

If any of this appeals to you, you can add Igloo to RealID: 1270814@lfschools.net or BattleTag Igloo#1342.

And then visit our website to fill out an application: www.retributionKM.com -> Forums -> Apply Within. Please register with your toon's name for the account name.

You can also contact any officer in game: Igloo, Sebasi, Snowmelt, Terminator, or Xril if you have any questions.

Feel free to simply visit our website to check us out: new.retributionKM.com

Thank you for reading, and we hope to see you join us!
Bump because we love you already.
Bump again because of our undying love for you all.
Clearly, we want you to join us!
It's almost scary how much we already would take bullets for each and every one of you.
I am already compelled to organize a campaign to save the lives of all you potential raiders by starting a campaign to end whatever disease you may catch.
More love for this thread.
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We have fun but also prefer to beat encounters even if it means I have to yell at you. But I still love you. I love you long time.
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Apply today, and you can be in the running for the limited time offer of first summon.
I thought I was the one who got the first summons? Shenanigans!
Sacrifices must be made for fresh meat.
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Sacrifices must be made for fresh meat.

I thought we got the fresh meat to sacrifice? Man, now I'm all confused.
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