<Retribution> [H] 10 3 night/week guild

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Yeah.....me too. o.O
I second this, you must now sing.
Bump for Oktoberfest and beer
bump..well cuz i have nothing better to do on a saturday evening
bump for whodey nation!
Bump for sleep tonight and not dealing with the crowds
been considering moving to this server from Sargeras (and faction changing) and could play this druid. i would prefer bomkin but if it guarenteed a spot i could go resto (havent healed with druid yet but wouldnt be hard im sure lol) just comment back here and ill check frequently
BUMP! also I think the best thing to do would go to our site posted on the first page and apply, that way you are guaranteed to be seen by the right people.
true, im on my way there right now :)
Bumping for boomkins!
Bump for monks
Huzzah for lots of cloth!
Yay for updates!
...and more updates. Our roster is pretty packed, but we will always look for and consider a good player.
Updating the thread ftw.
Bump for boss kills and ranking on bosses. And because we still love each and everyone of you. Except for you over there, I'm sorry. It's not you, it is us. You're just too good, I mean, if you were to apply we'd probably be all "wow they're so good, they probably don't wanna play with us". But, we might. So apply anyways
You look really weird in that hat Oralla.
09/13/2012 05:38 PMPosted by Xril
I originally thought a great idea to keep this thread on top would be to turn it into a My Little Pony RP chat. True Story.

And you guys yelled at me last night for saying somepony. Well thispony is now a little upset.

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