Lapsus Alumni Gaming [H] Level 1 guild.

Hey everybody, Renaldo here with yet another guild recruitment post (Horde side now). Given that our alliance guild is quickly gaining on level 25, I will now begin to recruit players for our horde guild. Casual/Levelling same as alliance side guild, just different faction.

No we are not spies and I will not approve of spy like actions within the guild, but I can not control everything the guild members do.

This is simply an effort to help out players new to horde/returning as well as Alliance-Only (Horde-Only) players who would like to try out the opposite faction for a change.

Just as I am doing for the Alliance guild, We are in search of PVP/PVE/RP leaders. Post here or letter me in game with inquiries.

Thanks @ Starien for reminding me of an earlier post :3
Your previous thread is still on the front page. You should be able to edit both the original post and subject line and bump it.

There is no need to create additional threads with the same information.
<- This is horde gm/guild link.
Ah I see, it's for a completely different guild.

Your name seems familiar from BC, but I don't remember from where.
No it wouldn't be lol, I played in vanilla, wotlk, and cata. the only expansion I didn't play was BC.
Latin names are bad and overused and you should feel bad.

EDIT: Lol joining fee

Quoting myself because.
And I repeat, its a play on other latin names, so when someone googles our name, Error Made pops up.

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