[H] ALBD 6/6MV, 2/6HoF - Seeking Healer

****Disclaimer: Please read the following post (#2) in its entirety if you're interested in raiding with us, it will show you've taken the time to look into us and give you information that you will want to know and perhaps ideas for other questions you may want to ask us.****

A Little Bit Devious is looking for 1 like minded raider for our progression raids into MoP.

Classes that were looking for are listed below and do not be discouraged to contact us if you feel you're an exceptional player and mesh with the info provided below.
<A Little Bit Devious> is a small 10m semi hardcore guild that raids 2 nights a week for a maximum of 8 hours a week.


About us:
ALBD formed in early January 2012 after members from the two top alliance raiding guilds on Eredar decided they needed a change and to raid with like-minded competent players. We moved to stormreaver with 7 players from Eredar, some of which have known each other for 2-6 years, and picked up a few players on and off realm to start raiding. The majority of us have been raiding since Vanilla and our experience encompasses everything up to top 10 world raiding and all of us have constantly maintained top 10 server or better guilds for the majority of the time we've been raiding. I recently took over the reins of this guild with MoP and have lead 2 other guilds to top 3 faction top 6 server positions, of which both guilds were around for 3-6 years.

We started DS content 1.5 months late and soon passed up the majority of guilds on our faction/server moving from 55th to 17th on server where at the beginning of summer we lost a healer and tank to RL commitments after getting HSpine to last tendon in our second week. Progression stagnated for 2 months due to being unable to find a suitable tank that was able to perform to where we needed which after we found one we killed spine and then madness the week after.

We currently are seeking to fill in 1 slot on our roster for MoP heroic raid progression with a like minded raider.


What we do:
Current content progresion raids
Retro raids/Transmog runs (Im one of the more active raid leaders on Openraid.us http://www.openraid.us/index.php/users/char/37177.472)
Alt Raids
Other games like LoL, Diablo 3, Battlefield 3, etc


When we raid:
We raid Tuesday and Thursday at the following hours.
9-1am EST
8-12am CST
7-11pm MTN
6-10pm PST


What we look for:
Communication skills.
Fun, selfless personality.
Good attitude.
A desire to clear content efficiently before it is obsolete.

If you feel you meet this criteria then below you can find our current needs.


Current Progression:
Despite having to replace a player fairly early on in prog weve been killing a new boss each week other than the weeks where there have been holidays or a new player in our roster:

6/6 MV with Sub 30% attempts on first boss on heroic, will die next night on him.
2/6 HoF with sub 20% attempts on garalon in first few hours.


What we need:

1 of the following: Resto Druid or Holy Pally or Mistweaver Monk

If you are not one of these classes and still interested please feel free to contact us if you feel you're and exceptional player and like the things you hear about us.


How we do things:
Knowing the fights ahead of time is your responsibility, if you do not do this you will be replaced, we go into fights with pointers on logistics but its your responsibility to know what mechanics you're going to be dealing with on the fight and how to articulate your class and role properly in those contexts.

Loot is random rolled. We do not tolerate nor do we have any loot !@#$%s on our roster, if you need something you just need roll for it however we do encourage communication and desire people to speak up if something is a major upgrade, all of our members are willing to pass items to players where it will benefit the raid in the long run.

If you have any further questions or any concerns that have not been addressed by this post or are interested in joining feel free to contact us via the mediums listed below. We do not have an application process however I do sit down with each player to feel things out to make sure you're a good fit for us and were a good fit for you.


Contact us:
In game: Necromantion, Nepenthe, Hypidae
Via Realid: Necromantion#1232 (Please say you're contacting for ALBD recruitment in the note)
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