I got Scammed !!!!!

Earthen Ring
I just logged off my other computer, and wow account. I got a wipser referring to my "wts Tcg mounts" ad in trade. Got a wisper from a guy i had added a while ago from illidan on my Real id friend list wisper me. Offering me 850k for 4 tcg mounts. Wooly white rhino,magic rooster,amani dragonhawk and mottled drake. He told me to "window" my wow screen so i did, then told me to go to his live stream... Dont know why i did, but i windowed and went to this so called stream that never worked. Then it said run java he said ya just run it quick, so i did. Next he says k lets trade. I opened trade then my screen automatically traded all the mounts. Without me moving a touch of a button on my computer. I now have none of my tcg mounts nor the 850k he said he would trade. PLZ HELP !!!!!! I even had another ad on forums of me selling these mounts for proof! On top of all that my wow for some reason kep closeing on its own, then i noticed my webcam turned on by itself... Clearly this guy hacked my computer pretty good. Would love some urgent help from a GM and other players. The name of the account that scammed me was "Cobra Hooper" the character he was logged on during the auto scam trade was named Lavashot troll shaman. !!
You'll get a much faster response if you put a ticket in via the in-game help or the support website at us.battle.net/support. Best of luck!
Yeah I think you got hit with one of those things where it lets you control the screen on another computer. Ouch.
any update on this?
Crappy deals man, it reminds me of when i had a fat stacked d2 account with like 4 complete sets, there was apparently away to get a whole bag of SOJ's, u filled ur inv with stam pots, and opened this website, only when i opened this website it dropped all my items on the ground for this guy to take, i was in pure terror watching it happen, Contact gms in game or open a ticket, theyll be able to help.
Keep us posted and best of luck.
Yea i got hacked and u got !@#$ed
"Then it said run java he said ya just run it quick, so i did"

Wasn't this during the java security fiasco?
talk about necroing jeeze i was like what jeln posted lolwut
hes back!
wow that was a year ago!

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