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I am having the worst Battleground lag that I have ever experienced. My latency not in Battlegrounds is 47, when I'm in a Battleground it's still 47, but I lag really really badly. My latency when playing Counter Strike Source is 43, so it isn't my internet. Any advice on how to fix this issue?
Same here. I don't know why there is no single blue post dealing with this terrible problem. What I do is to press alt+F4 and logging in again, hoping miracle happens. :(
Has been happening to me alot lately especially at nights. I lag nowhere else besides bgs.
My boyfriend and I have been experiencing this problem too, very frequently. He PvPs much more than I do, but we both encounter major lag (with high FPS) in battlegrounds constantly, and then get disconnected from the server. Half the time when he logs back in, even though he does it immediately, he finds himself out of the BG with a deserter debuff. He's getting really frustrated by it, and even though I do BGs much less, it's starting to really annoy me as well. This is on different servers, too. And neither of us lag or disconnect at all outside of battlegrounds, either.
Hi there! By any chance do any of you use Time Warner, Bright House, or Road Runner services? There's a known problem at this time:

If not, please provide your trace routes:
We do have Time Warner internet and cable service. But my server, Moonrunner, appears to be run through the Chicago data center, not New York; and his server, The Forgotten Coast, appears to be run through the Phoenix data center.
I am using Verizon internet

It has been happening a lot since last night.. my latency will be fine and then shoot to like 800 (world).. it's making it so I cannot PvP or really do much of anything :/
If you have bad lag while playing. Open task manager and shutdown agent.exe. End process. Some say they have found 20 agents running in the background. Imagine the lag that would cause.
I have never had a problem with this game until now.
I am having the same issues as stated above. I enter
a BG and the funky lag starts. Really frustrating.
Read through post 1, and even back through the original one, look for the blue response in the maxed out thread and follow his instructions to post up your traces if this applies to you. Post over here in this thread to keep them all consolidated. This is the continuation of the first thread (maxed that one out).

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