Vànquisher Recruiting 10mn

Vànquisher is looking for 1 healer and a mage/spriest dps our 10mn team.We raid thursdays/sundays/mondays at 7:30 - 10:30 server time. 2/6 MV
09/10/2012 04:50 AMPosted by Vomittus
Vànquisher is looking for a few more players to fill out our 10mn team. Looking for a shaman, hunter, rogue and a death knight MT. We raid thursdays at 7:30 server time. New team, old players, looking to progress into MOP.

What about a monk for MOP?
Raid time is appealing.

EDIT: Mistweaver.
We have a monk spot on hold, sorry. Shaman and hunter spot taken. After a DK MT and a boomkin. cheers.
10/10 full.
Gotta be the most informative post i have read about a guild trying to recruit bravo -claps-
and congratz on 2/6 I'm assuming that's heroic ?
Still LFM, specifically resto druid, boomy os and mage/spriest, all other classes/specs welcome to enquire, forming team 2 as well. =]

Guildless trolls need not apply.
I really enjoyed raiding with this guild in Cata, can highly recommend - a great bunch of people.
Thanks aaeron. Still LF One Rdps for first team, spriest or mage. Also LF 2 healers and one rpds for second team. Players with little or no raid experience are welcome.
Still LFM
Do you need a holly/ret pally ? 462 holy and 461 ret atm.
Sorry we dont have room for Pallies Atm. More in need of a priest with dps os or a resto druid with boomy os.
Team two is still recruiting! We'd like to see some people with Experience and gear but all are welcome to inquire! A Druid and Priest for Team Two Preferably. DPS Are open to inquire about spots. In game, or on forums. Thank you.

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