[H] 25M - 10/14H Daytime guild LF RDPS/heals

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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Bump in the night for needs and Recruitment!
Updated for heroic progression!
Bump for more dead heroic bosses!
bump for dead pixels!
Looking for a few good people that want to raid daytime.
Bump! Still looking for a Mage with experience in all normal fights and preferably some heroics.
Bump for progression kills
updating for yet more kills
Updated for Current Needs
updated for progression and needs.
Bump it up for a dps with a tank spec!
Bump for heroic MSV down! on to HoF :)
Bump for a good start into ToT!
Bump for Needs/Progression through ToT
Edited for Tortos! Join Reviction Today!
Looking for that tank with a solid dps set.
Bumping for progression and an Off-Tank/DPS
Updated for Progression and needs.
Bump! Looking for that elusive tank with a dps offset!
Bumping for a Tank!

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