[H] 25M - 10/14H Daytime guild LF RDPS/heals

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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Up up up Tank style!
Ok really you only have to tank 1 day a week, you can dps the other 2 days....
up up! Still need a tank!
Bump for 2 more bosses down today! Still looking for that tank peoples!
You want to tank? We want to talk with you!
On to Lei Shen!
Normal cleared! On to heroic!
bump it up
Bump for a tank!!
Looking for an exceptional mage to join our heroic team.
mage plzktnx!
Looking for a solid Ranged dps! Preferably a Mage, Boomkin or Ele Shaman!
Bump for ranged
bump for Heroic BBQ chicken!
2/10H, Ji-kun's babies have all been kicked!
bump for 5.3! lf solid ranged dps... caster style!
Boom chakka lakka for a healer boom makka
Daytime raiding FTW!
Holla to the daytime raiders!

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