Cross-Realm Zones Killing Questing

As a member of a PvP server, I always enjoyed when the questing areas were somewhat void of other players- nothing bums you out quite as much as getting beat down as you're snacking on some food to regain HP after taking down mobs for a quest. Yes, I know, that's the whole thing with PvP servers- player versus player. But still. It didn't bother me too much, that's why I stayed with it. But now, when going through a single area and being attacked by 3 alliance players and their 85 bodyguard from a DIFFERENT server, it's just ridiculous.

It's insanely difficult to try and kill a few mobs when you have multiple groups of the opposite faction from a completely different server all over the map. My friends and guildmates don't have alts at my alt's level, and I don't want to inconvenience them by having them babysit me. I went from dying probably 3 times a month to dying at least 3 times a day. I dungeon in the middle of quests, but the exp just isn't the same. The obnoxious population increase is angering a lot of other players, and making people give up on leveling alts. I can understand the premise behind the change, and the idea IS good, but you should be able to eneable/disable it (like pvp on pve servers.) Need help with a quest/want to actually see other people? Enable it. Tired of getting attacked by groups of the opposing faction, or a single person and their dedicated 85 babysitter? Disable it. This potentially great idea is getting ruined by constant cross-server gang bangs, please fix it!
09/10/2012 12:52 PMPosted by Nurucio
The obnoxious population increase is angering a lot of other players,

This is happening everywhere. I've also noted that in cross-realm areas we can't even group with other players from different zones to share quest kills etc ... this is going to create even more animosity amongst players. I remember when WoTLK hit there was a lot of hate going around in the starting zones because people were fighting over quest mobs, objects etc ... now we don't even have the option of teaming up with some fellow players.

NOT A FAN of cross realm, all these bad reviews and we don't even have a lot of people playing due to lull before MoP.
You can't even team up with the over server players?? Christ, it's even worse than I thought. I haven't bothered to try because 95% of them don't speak English because they're from Brazilian or Latin American servers (which makes it so much worse because of the language barrier!) Not being racist btw, it's just insanely difficult to talk in general/local defense to other players when you have no idea what they're saying, and vice versa. Dungeons are different because the only real thing to talk about is the dungeon's strategy, which most everyone already knows.
Practically impossible to quest, remove this feature.
ya can't use any gathering profs without 10 people going for the same item! you can't go somewahre without some latino troll saying !@##@##! whtever that means, get rid of everyting crossrealm except for trade, bg.s and lfg's i can't even bother leveling prof's because it is so hard to find the mats now, kinda makes me wonder how long i will pay to play now
I hate the feature to. Along with the questing, it makes it near impossible to farm matts for raiding or anything without having people from 4 other realms after the same thing you are. I forsee alot of people quiting if this isnt fixed/taken off before MoP.
This cross-Realm stuff really sucks. It was hard enough to gather materials before the cross realm thing but now my server is totally innundated with players from other realms that are rude (vocally and in thier actions) as it is almost impossible to get anything done. It is taking twice as long and at times not at all to accomplish anything. Many people paid to transfer to a low pop server to enjoy the game and be able to level the various professions. Now, with cross realm, gathered materials go with the players to thier perspective servers for auctions at the expense of my server and we loose mats that would provide us the items that we could potentialy make gold from. Please stop this nonsense. This has made the game substantially less enjoyable, and I am considering whether or not I want to continue to play. Even though I have paid for Mists on all 3 of my accounts, the loss of money would be less frustrating then not being able to play with the current situation.
I agree. This feature needs to be removed, or Blizzard is going to lose a lot of players. At least the option to enable/disable the PvP would be nice, but that still wouldn't solve the greater problem of mat gathering.
I think they are great. Having people actually in the world is way more interesting then being by yourself especially when levelling. The only thing which is almost a problem is that gathering nodes and dailies are harder to get but that wont really matter because the MoP zones where you'll be getting practically all of your mats and where all the dailies are don't use CRZ. All CRZ affects is 1-85 questing and levelling up gathering skills.
Cross Realm Zones is killing a lot of areas. From ganking hunters who are taming pets, to not being able to quest with out getting grouped on. I have had friends say they are quitting because of this. They can not do their dailies, can not go to the Dark Portal or even go out and farm with out being attacked by a group of players.

I know that some servers are dead. But the large servers being grouped together has made this unbearable. Kel'Thuzad and Mal'Ganis together is a right nightmare. With both groups partying and causing grief to everyone they can. Because they are bigger servers. While the rest are left as solo players stuck in the middle of a war of jerks.

It is not fair to the smaller servers nor is it fair to their players. Everyone chose their server based on their preference on either size or friends etc. But this cross realm is not working. Maybe if it was small groupings, or equal size servers together. But as it stands right now it is war of servers and the regular non-pvp players are being stuck in the middle as causalities of this war.
Those joining pvp servers from another realm, should be auto unflagged and unable to kill pvp realm players at all, also, should not be able to mine our nodes, herbs etc. If they want to quest.....they can stay on their own server for that.

Want to play with your lame friends, roll a toon on their server.

Xrealm is garbage.

Edit. When some lame idiot kills my low level toon trying to quest, I purposely get on my main and make sure to 1 shot 20 players before logging back over. Good work blizzard. Failed again
09/19/2012 02:46 PMPosted by Enyö
Edit. When some lame idiot kills my low level toon trying to quest, I purposely get on my main and make sure to 1 shot 20 players before logging back over. Good work blizzard. Failed again

That makes you part of the problem.
I'm sorry but this feature is not only completely useless but frustrating to no end. Blizzard if you're looking at this PLEASE for the love of Warcraft take this "cross relm" feature OUT! I can't farm mats or quest for that matter with out at least seven other people DOING THE SAME THING. Completely frustrating and a HUGE turn off for people who are just starting to play. I have some friends that won't come back because of this new feature who have played for years. If this "cross realm" feature isn't taken out OR an option to turn it on or off (if possible?) is not implemented then I'll probably moving on too along with many other frustrated players.
I helped a low health Horde kill a mob he was about to die to and he killed me when I was at low health after helping him.

Needless to say I camped him for quite a long time.
Just throwing in an example but I was in Northern Stranglethorn and it took me almost three days to do the quests there because I was continually killed by the three LvL 90 bodyguards that the players there had. I had players come and offer to help and would for a bit and I thank all that did but after a bit the bodyguards would gang up on him/her and they would have to leave for self preservation. Blizzard please do something about this problem.
Hi, just to let everyone know i am reporting everyone i see that is not on my realm for cheating! also i am thinking of getting a class action together as we are not getting the part of the game we paid for! ie: no xrealm, maybe they can fix this by adding a purely cross realm server instead of just forcing us into playing something we did not pay for? think about it and if you are unhappy about the game you brought then i suggest you get a group together!
CRZ IS BY FAR THE WORST IDEA and not needed, Only reason we would need CRZ is for instances and we allready had that. All this has done are:

1 - lengthened the amount of time it takes to quest when objectives must be waited for.
2 - Make it impossable to farm mining or herbalism
3 - Made those like myself upset for paying to play on a low pop realm and having that experience stolen from us

CRZ has benefited nothing and effected everyone questing

If people didnt want to play on low populated servers they should not of created their characters there

I've spent money to transfer characters to lower pop realms just to have the gameplay style I enjoy taken away without asking me... I'd be good if we could choose low pop realms that are exempt from CRZ (simple fix)
... My realm is so dead, the only people I ever actually run into are from other realms.

I'm sure there must be an alternative to CRZ, since they seem terrible for high population servers and... well, still not super useful for low population servers like mine since you can't even group up.
Don't really have any more to add; everyone else has pretty much covered the subjects that piss me off; crossrealm sucks. Get rid of it.
Agreed, the CRZ makes lvling hard as hell, on my Druid it took me 45 mins to kill a quest boss in outland (don't remember the Zone at the moment,) simply because you had gangs (dare I say Hordes) of other realm peeps swooping in and stealing kills. This CRZ crap makes questing in some zones damn near impossible and it really needs to go...

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