Cross-Realm Zones Killing Questing

I would like to add my thoughts on this as well.

Doing simple quests with my monk in Hellfire and Zanger, for example, is a nightmare. Many places camped to mob extension. Heck the FIRST quests at hellfire, where you have to kill 20 blood orcs took me 5 times longer. Every single "camp" around the cannon towers was totally empty with other players running around or an orc here or there. It seems like some developers at blizzard think that spawn competition for PvE soloing (and resources) is somehow engaging or fun. MMO PvE soloing CAN be fun and even promote helping out other players (instead of pissing others off). Blizzard needs to re-think the goals of PvE questing in regards to leveling up and what is fun vs not. Luckily my monk is the last class I have to level up. What a dreadful, unfun experience it has been.
Everyone loves having 90s camping all of the quest hubs one-shotting anyone getting within a 100-yd radius!


Make x-realm zones +/- 10 levels or not at all.
I just came back after a break from playing. Shelled out money for the xpac and now I can't quest with my mid level toons. My realm had gotten pretty low on population for years but I had got used to it and even liked it that way. It is a pvp server and I expect some fights/ganks now and again but I picked it 8 years ago when I was a action crazed teen. I'm now much more mellow and being permaganked while trying to quest is not enjoyable. I can't afford to xfer all my toons to pve nor do I really believe I should have to. What a waste of 55 bucks. /End rant.
If you want to see more people in zones that should be your choice, choose a high pop realm. But making EVERYONE see tons of high level characters that just farm low level characters makes questing almost impossible to do and even harder to enjoy.
Really my biggest issue with cross realm zones is the fact that for low pop servers, you have less access to crafting materials due to others farming them. This is where you might say "Well why don't you just check the AH." The issue with that is that the server's AHs aren't connected and it's hard as hell finding stuff on my own server. If Blizz does ever look at possibly changing it I would recommend that they take 2-3 servers and connect their zones and AHs. But that's just my opinion.
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