[A] Authentic 10 man Recruitment

Bleeding Hollow
Authentic is a 10 man Progression guild that is looking for more members to flesh out our roster for Mists of Pandaria. We are looking for exceptional players to fill the following roles:

Blood Death Knight
Fury/Arms Warrior

Raid times are Tuesday/Wednesday from 9-12 EST but are subject to change.

If interested either shoot me a message on Celica or leave a comment below.
Yeah what she said!
"any hot chicks in ur guild? or is it a sasage party?" Gotcha! ;0D And free bump!
we need da warlockz
They need a warlock!! I'm looking for a guild with the same time as you all raid and the days are great, but sadly this is the highest level lock I have got. If u need a back up hunter, warrior or druid. I will gladly join. In the mean time I may focus on leveling this character. I would love to get to raid in MoP.
I played pre-BC but didn't get to raid, I got to raid in BC and WotLK, and i quit during cata. but I am looking to raid again in MoP. So if u still need a lock when i get this character max level I will message you in game.
In need of a Blood Death Knight OT and Fury/Arms Warrior.

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