Gambit- 10 man recruiting for our core

<Gambit> is a guild comprised of close knit players all who have extensive heroic mode experience. We have brought together some of the best players many of whom took a break before Firelands. All of our raid team is expected to perform, we value our time as you probably value yours mistakes happen, when they happen multiple times it's more a trend than a mistake, and thus wastes your and our time. Needless to say we strive for perfection. We are a raiding guild. Our goal is completion of all content. We know our class mechanics backwards and forwards we expect you do too.

-Loot is done by loot council factors in loot council are: attendance, performance, upgradeability(what your wearing versus the upgrade). It is important to note if your in the raid group you are all equal GM Officer gets no special treatment when it comes to gear we are all working together. Also important upgradeability is not always a by factor.
IE: I have 397 legs, you have 384; 410 legs drop. My attendance is more than yours and I'm ahead in dps by 250. I win legs. Whatever is most "fair".
-Our raid times are Monday Tuesday Thursday 10p.m.-1a.m. Est
We are currently looking for a few specific classes but like most raiding guilds we will review all classes and applications with earnest.
Current classes needed:
- Rdps: Hunter, Boomkin, Mage
-Mdps: DK, Warrior, Feral
-As stated above all classes will be reviewed and used so long as you show you are dedicated to not only the guild but raid progression and your ability to perform better.

-It is important to note Gambit plans on raiding at a higher level than most guilds we are light hearted so long as content is being pushed, constructive criticism will almost always be given one must be able to both accept it and apply it. We are not rude, we are only making sure a raider learns from a mistake and does not make it again.
-positions in raid depend directly on performance.
Officers: Demonslayerl, Pisstank, Voodoo
If you feel you are able to raid with us throw your application into the Gambit, see you on the other side.
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