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Moon Guard
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They say the highborne is a tale left best to the depths of the ocean. They say it is a story of deceit, of lavishness and heathenry. Not a rustle in the wind has brought news of our exiled kin for centuries past. Neither a flicker of magic nor tome of arcane cracked in far too long. Their world and arts long abandoned to a culture of nature. But not all was forgotten The highborne return in droves. Their ways: abandoned. Their lives: in danger. “Suffer well, highborne.” That is what they say. Let us not leave our people to fend for themselves in a culture of war and find their own place amongst new and distinct races. If we are to achieve peace as a people, we must achieve it united, with the other races to aide in destroying the orcish horde. Lift your voices to the moon, lift your heads high and be ready. If we do not move with the world, we will be consumed by it. Lost once again to the depths of the sea.

Tor ilisar'thera'nal

Kalimdor is a land of shadows, faith, mystery, will, and fortune. As the age of the bridging of the West and East opened the ancient forests of Kalimdor to the mortal races, the Kaldorei were quick to bury the secrets of their darkest days within the soils -- blessed themselves by Elune and her kin.Spirits gather in the forest, sending echoing chills throughout the night that pass through the open-air windows and doors of the Kaldorei towns. Many Kaldorei would rather keep the hidden things in the world a mystery, but the Dwarven Explorers and their wandering minds had not twice thought about exploring the reaches of Kalimdor and its ancient, fertile lands.Still, there are those Kaldorei and Highborne who wonder now if they may ever uncover these hidden treasures of the forest. Whether it is as precious as the magical seed of a tree that promises to heal the gravest of wounds, or the forsaken pieces of a broken demonic artifact, it does not matter.Among these groups of Kaldorei and Highborne adventurers are the Lineage of the Moon, who seek to direct the light of Elune into the darkest folds of Kalimdor to unmask hidden evils and recover precious lost knowledge. Working side by side, the Magi of Eldre'thalas and the Kaldorei of Darnassus are in cooperation to catalogue and uncover the secrets of their continent, so rich in its history.But there will be danger: Demons lurk within the forest, and so too do treasure hunters, pillagers, and the Horde itself. If they are to overcome these threats, then they must find new recruits to fill their halls.One of these violet envelopes may arrive in your hand, should they believe you to be worthy of such a mission.
OOC:<Lineage of the Moon> is a compelling RPPvP guild on Moon Guard with unending attention to detail and a focus on creating an engaging and personal RP experience with heavy character development and riveting storylines within the expanded World of Warcraft universe.We are currently seeking players who are interested in joining our guild for full-time positions or on alt characters for frequent events and a unique RP experience. Overall, we're seeking Kaldorei, and Worgen players to join our cause, but we're open to other possibilities as well. Many of our events handle the tradition of the Kaldorei and Highborne as they have existed for thousands of years. To accomplish this, we mix World of Wacraft cannon with a bit of our own interprative power to help drive the narrative. Some of these events are festivals, while others are ceremonies of war that incorporate dance, song, and arcane traditions that have long sunk to the shadowy depths of Kalimdor's long and diverse history...Under our banner, your character may be led to glory or death. In Lineage of the Moon, the players' actions matter. Whether we are exploring the ancient ruins of Eldre'thalas to exhume the lost bones of a long-dead sorcerer or paying our respects to Elune in the temple, you will find neverending, engaging roleplay in our fold.The question is, will you involve yourself? If you're interested in joining our guild, check out our official website or contact Ana or another officer in game.

Website Information: www.lineageofthemoon.shivtr.com

Contact Information:

Elder Priestess: Anamaleth (gm)
Elder Priestess: Mavei (gm)
Sentry Marshal: Jalcynter
Crescent Lieutenant: Hassieth
Eclipse Captain: Tsukimaru

Guild Ranks
Elder Priestess- GM
Sentry Marshall- OOC/IC Officer
Crescent Lieutenant- OOC/IC Officer
Eclipse Captain- IC Officer
Moon Guardian- Soldier IC PVPers
Shando- Combat/Non Combat Teachers
Sacred Protector- Specific to IC outstandings
Lineage Origin- Community Elves
Moon Shield- Mercenaries, Hired help/alts

Lineage Divisions (Currently Under Construction)
Nightshades (only ooc knowledge of this group will be known. They are the secret eyes and ears of the Lineage of the Moon)
Guild Relations
Quick FAQ's: Did you know?
Do you allow Worgens in your guild?
Yes! We absolutely allow worgen! Although it is not announced often, the worgen would be integrated into our normal ranks. Warlocks though are forever at mercenary ranks; they are treated by a case to case character history.

You mean as my Worgen I can go up in rank?
Of course! For example if your worgen/gilnean is a hunter, you are welcomed to the ranger sector to fight for our cause.

Why are there other races within the guild at the Moon Sheild Rank?
Because the night elves in history past have utilized other beings and races within the Kaldorei resistance itself in aide against the burning legion. Though they are mercs and answer to our officer of the same, we will not shun aide in any form and will guide them if they truly wish to learn the ways of the kaldorei in combat.

Is there lore to back this up?
Yes. If you have done the starting zone and the quests for Cata you will realize that we have taken Gilneans under our wing. It is a rare thing for kaldorei to do. But, thanks to Blizzard they even have their own section in Darnassus. There are many bases in game in Kalimdor of Gilneans posting and protecting our lands.

What about death knights? Are they allowed?
Death Knights are a case by case situation. It would be our choice regardless of occupation. Also, a death knight would be a combat role ONLY. That means max level, max pvp gear. Their sole reason to even be in our guild is to fight for our cause, fight for their right so to speak. We give the opportunity for that. Though role playing will be limited as most places we go would not allow the presence of an undead or fallen.

What if I am not max level?
We are always welcoming to random role playing and role playing with those that do not hold our guild tag. But we have implemented a level 40+ Requirement. Due to the mass abundance in demand for joining our guild. We see that it would benefit in role play locations a long with our reputation as a serious role playing guild.

Lineage Alliances:

Shadows of Argus:
We have come to know and appreciate the draenei allies of the kaldorei that share a home with our people very near our beloved Teldrassil. Nhadiya and several other draeneis have recently created an alliance to band together in Pandaria during this time of war!

League of Lordaeron:
The human kingdoms, while far and remote to our people, have a stake in Kalimdor as well. The Commander Kerdic has lent his aide to our people for our forests and we will do nothing but offer the same to our grand allies.

Clergy of the Holy Light:
The Bishop Moorwhelp and his clergymen and woman have offered aide in many forms to the kaldorei. While our religions are quite different, there is a mutual respect between the religious figureheads of both.

Grey Haven: Ms. Salley has always offered the aide of the Grey to our cause and has even brought her men and woman into battle with us and salvaged remaining highborne artifacts so that they do not fall into the wrong hands.

Blackmoon Sentinels:
Samirex and her band of soldiers have always been close friends and now allies in the Pandaria expeditions to come! This massively diverse group of individuals bring enlightenment and a sturdy hand to the hard of the fight!

Qimeng Simiao:
Our newest and most dearest Pandaren allies! Having saved the leaders of the Lineage and teaching/learning the ways of the Horde and the sha we are now in their honored land fighing for them. Bringing a new and fresh perspective to the hollowed minds of war that most of our people have grown to become. Ashenli and Zuchen the key to this friendship!

The First Regiment:
As a fellow Grand Alliance member Maxen and his soldiers have shown allegiances time and time again. Now as they trek into the forests of Pandaria, the Lineage joins in their endeavors as they do with ours! A long and loyal friendship between the two will only lead to a further and most harmonious bond!

Lineage Enemies:

The Kor'kron Legion:
The orcish horde has sought to impede upon Ashenvale a multitude of times in their lumbering missions. The evil Skullcrusha has been a mighty foe in the same, leading his ilk into our ancestral lands seeking to claim resources and ownership of what is rightfully ours.

Dominion of the Sun:
The sin'dorei has proven to be a devious foe in the Dominion. Lead by Tendael, he has brought war into our lands and into our culture, going so far as to desecrate our shrines. The Lineage of the Moon will not stop until they are exterminated.

The Sunguard :
Cunning and mighty, the Sunguard fights alongside the orcish horde in their wars against our nation of kaldorei. Lead by Felthier Truefeather and his dynasty, their plains for dominating what is not their own to wield magic in effort to cripple the alliance will not go unpunished!
We're baaaaaaaaack!
Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.
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Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Hell yes!
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09/11/2012 08:49 AMPosted by Mavei
Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Hell yes!

*hugs Mavei*

*hugs Mavei*


<333 All elfie all the time!
*hugs Mavei*


<333 All elfie all the time!

Mavei and Ana = the 2 best Night Elves ever. <333
Oh hello my pretties.
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-squeezes Corbutts-

I find this adorable coming from a gnome. Don't know why, just does ^_^

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You have to know.. I did this for your butt. This forum thing.. ya. >:)


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