Green Character models since 5.0.4

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Is anyone else randomly getting bright green character models on NPCs since the 5.0.4 patch? It is completely random where it happens but some NPCs are staying this way. The Panda NPCs in Org are always green on my system. I am using:

MacBook Pro(early 2011)
2.3 Ghz Core i7
AMD Radeon HD 6750M 1GB card
Mac OS X 10.8.1
This happens when expansion data isn't downloaded and cached for your client. Try this and see if it helps.

    1. Navigate to /Applications/World of Warcraft
    2. Move the WTF, Cache and Interface folders to the desktop
    3. Now go into the Data folder and delete the Cache folder
    4. Navigate to Users/Shared and delete the folder
    5. Launch the World of Warcraft Launcher. Let all updates apply and hit Play when Game is up to date is displayed.
Having the same issue and Blue post does not help.
I am also having the same problem with no luck so far
Hrm, can you let me know what the following below states in your file?

    1. Navigate to /Applications/World of Warcraft/WTF
    2. Right-click and select Open With > TextEdit
    3. Look for the following line:
      SET accounttype

Please tell me what it is listed as.

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