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I'm attempting to think back to vanilla 05' because I know I've had some real epic fails. I will share this more recent one though because it was completely unexpected and made me laugh pretty hard.

I was in SW bored out of my mind, I believe I was trolling and waiting for an lfr. I was near the SW entrance flying over the water so I decided to fly as high as I could and cancel the mount over the water while yelling "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!". I positioned myself where I thought was over the water and right clicked my mount picture "buff". As I began to fall I pressed enter for my message and shortly thereafter realized that the bridge was rapidly approaching. I ended up clipping the edge of one of the jutting out statues....
As with Matt above me it all started when I did LFR for the first time. I (like a derp) didnt bother to do ANY research into the fights.
We were on Morchok. You know where this is going. Earthen Vortex! "Ok, that was weird"
I'm dps'ing so hard do-" Namine has died. /facepalm.
Zonozz and Yor went fine.
Hagara: Frozen Tempest. *Kills floating ice thingy* "Yay!" Namine has died.
Random group member: "Watch out for the f&*%ing ice."
Ultrax: Hour of Twilight! This one just can't be explained... it was that bad... lol
can't remember anything in game right off the top of my head but was on my character screen this toon was level 31 at the time, went to the bathroom and my daughter then 5, comes running to me "Guess what Mommy, I learned to spell and new word." get back to my computer to find my mage deleted.... Proud Mommy or Sad Gamer.... *sigh*
I’ll put it this way… at one point one of my old guildies linked this to me as penance for my grievous oversight during the Shade of Aran fight.

The Shade of Aran Chant
Most recent would be when they implemented transmogrification. I had no idea that it was going to be an actual thing in game. The week before it's implementation I was going though my bank trashing a bunch of old gear like .. wowhead is down, but still a bunch of sweet looking gear.
Alt tabbing on accident when a meteor was chasing me on our guild's first kill of normal rag. Ya, that wasn't fun.

While not really a fail I did think this was funny: we killed rag and the mount dropped. (this is an alt run) The plate shoulders dropped and I on my warrior was only one interested in them but I didn't want to waste my "good" mount roll on shoulders only I wanted. So they gave them to me without me rolling. When the mount roll came along I rolled 99. (thank god I didn't roll on the shoulders.)
Back in vanilla i rolled a Nightelf, back when there was no "return to graveyard" i died off a cliff in teldrassil...couldnt go back to my body (thats cause i ran around the whole place looking for it for hours) then i just ragequit lol
Back in BC, when my raiding guild was getting the group together for a Gruul/Mag night, I was wandering around the Isle of Quel'danas, attempting to do my dailies. I was complaining in vent that they were totally bugged, when the raid leader whispered me in-game and reminded me that I was already in the raid group...

We were all noobs once, and we've all made really bone-headed mistakes.
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In eye of the storm slow falled the team at blood elf tower to take the bridge going to the ruins well i missed the bridge all together gravity what a hard misstress you are
When we were running back from a Nerfarian wipe in BWD, I missed the elevator and hit Slowfall, to save myself. I fell straight in to the arena and pulled Onyxia, wiping the raid again. If only I had known about blink then...

My second was on Ragnaros in Firelands. We were all just standing around durning a break, and I knocked over the drink on my desk. In my haste to clean up I hit Arcane Barrage and pulled, again wiping the raid. Thankfully, I wasn't the first to have an accidental pull on him, so I wasn't in too much trouble.
I'm sure I have a ton of these so here's another:
After running MC for months on this toon and my hunter looking for the right half of Thuderfury and/or Sulfurus, I had finally gotten my Lock up to 85. I figured, she can equip Thunderfury, so I'll farm with her too, just in case.
First time running through with her I decide to do a full clear for S&G. Get to the hallway with the first 2 bosses and the horde of core hounds, I pull all of them and the first boss thinking, ok i have rain of fire that i can channel nonstop.
Start channeling. THEN i realize that the first boss is the one that doubles the mana cost of spells. 2 rain of fires later and I'm Oom'd and totally F&*%ed
Leveling up my druid i was in a 5-man and the tank died on a boss and asked for a rez. I told him i couldnt do it in combat. I was only 40 ish and i had been playing my priest only for several years and just had a brain fart or something. We fought and called me an idiot and screamed and finally left the group. I was quite insistant that i could not rez in combat lol I had the DOH!! moment a few seconds after he left.
I've committed accidental suicide...after playing alliance for a few months I logged into my hordie who was sitting on the inn in goldshire ..after a few duels I got bored and flew off Sw and some how made it to Dwarven dist bank..and flew in...didn't go over so well with the locals LOL
Way back in Classic: Swimming across the southern river in Elwynn Forest at level 7 and then finding out where Raven Hill Cemetery was. Since this was my first death and I didn't know about running to the corpse yet, I talked to the spirit healer who rezzed me right in the middle of all those skeletons. I think it took me 30 minutes or more to get out of there.

I did learn how to corpse walk as a result, which landed me in Sentinel Hill eventually, and thus began my love for Westfall. So at least I learned something.
Logging in any time after Firelands was released was my biggest fail in wow.
My first character was a troll hunter back in vanilla WoW of December '04. I quested with a person I had met and when I finally reached level 10 I did the taming quests so I could tame a pet. Back then, after you completed the taming pet quest, you also had to accept another quest which told you to visit the hunter trainer in Orgrimmar. Back then, that looked like a billion miles away and I wanted to play with my new pet. After awhile I logged off. The next day, to my horror, my pet was missing!! So I tamed a new one and sure enough, logged off and the next day....again...missing. So I thought as a hunter you had to tame a new pet EVERY DAY when logging in. I just thought that's how it worked. So I deleted my hunter and rolled a warrior. Come to find out...that quest I skipped...teaches you how to feed your pet and keep it happy so it doesn't run away. FML.
My first time tanking a dungeon on version 1.0 of this toon. I'd never played WoW before, and thought it'd be cool to be a tank. Couldn't hold aggro to save my life in Ragefire Chasm. Was running around trying to grab mobs, ran off a bridge into lava and died. The pugs in the group gave me a hearty WTF?

not my fail, but one of the best fails i got to participate in:
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Logging in any time after Firelands was released was my biggest fail in wow.
then why are you here ?
Shortly after release, I wanted to take my Dwarf Paladin from Ironforge to Stormwind. Since I didn't know about the tram and hadn't learned the flight point in SW yet, I figured I'd run. I flew out to Loch Modan and tried to run through the badlands, but at such a low level, I died very early on. I figured since you could spirit res, it would be much safer to run as a ghost. Somehow, after some serious wall-walking, I ended up off the east coast of the continent, running on the water. I went all the way south to Stranglethorn and then back north until I reached Elwynn Forest, at which point, I finally found a graveyard (no discovery reveals on the map while a ghost didn't help) and asked the spirit to res me. Which it did...back in the badlands graveyard, which was close enough to a wandering mob that I died again within a few seconds.

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