Your biggest WoW Fails!

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First DS...
oh god

First of all, I was only pulling 9k dps on my HUNTER because my ilvl was around 300 (my guild carried me to make it a guild run), and I had no idea what the hell was going on.
Morchock- standing in black stuff and didn't realise. Pretty much instant died.
Zon'ozz- died while clearing the trash. Twice. Don't even know how.
Yor'sahj- when the melee was called to go out, I went out too. Then all the ranged followed me. Wiped the party. Almost got kicked. You know how it is.
Hagara- I died by not moving when she does her ice thing. Then a healer died trying to heal me. Wiped the party again. Almost got kicked again.
We wiped so many times on ultra, and even when I did press the button, they still blamed me. So the group was disbanded and thus concluded my first experience at DS.
Good times.
My biggest fail is also my largest noob moment. My first character couldn't figure out how to use soulstone. I thought it would work like it does now, you cast it on a dead character but back then you had to put it on them while they were alive. I tried over and over to use it and finally the group told me it was no biggie. But not one of them told me what was the truth of that mystery soulstone.
Falling off the zeppelin over orgrimmar on my hunter. Somehow managed to die in the most unreachable spot ever, right above the riding trainer.
done lots of one's, but recently, my sis and I were running the halls of reflection together as our 85's my druid her rogue. We didn't do much for icc raiding or dungeons back before cata so we wanted some of the dungeon achievments.

we didn't look up on the dungeon, and got to the point where we talked to jaina and began to run from the lich king. not realizing we needed to stay with her and fight to break the barriers, we both hit our dash abilities, me in cat form, my sis sprint, and we dart to the end blowing past the barriers before they lock us in.... but as we neared the end balcony, suddenly I fall dead from a shot from the lich king 800,000+ overkill. somehow my sis's cheatdeath ability saved her.had no clue what had happened so like an idiot i rez'd and tried it agian.... boom dead again. my sis is laughing so hard at this point. hiding in the corner of the balcony.

i then looked up the dungeon, and found out we had to escort her and kill the mobs. we had a good laugh and finished the dungeon with a small repair bill for my armor and ego... ^ ^
My biggest fail was on my first character during vanilla wow, a level 60 tauren hunter. This was shortly before burning crusade came out, i was getting carried through molten core (first time in there) by a friend and his guild who had the place on farm. We were sitting in rag's chambers while they explained the fight to me, and a couple of other semi new people they had in the run (this was the patch that they changed hunters auto shot to be able to be activated by right click, which was auto selected) and while i was sitting there listening to their explanation, i decided it would be a good idea to click on the boss to see how much hp and all that he had, not realizing that would start auto shotting him, therefore pulling the boss, and wiping the whole raid that was carrying my sorry !@#. Got quite a few angry tells once they realized it was me, and quite a bit of vent harassment too.
Thinking this game was like diablo and trying to increase my strength so I could wear plate on my mage.
"Kaeil get out of the <blank> out of defile now!" Followed by the blink of death off of the platform. This was followed by a very quiet "I got out of defile."

Targeting Magmaw on my hunter and pulling him. This was solved with me not being allowed to equip my bow until we were ready to pull.

This was recently, "OMG the mobs respawned! Run away!" as I managed to kill myself and my SO who couldn't get away fast enough.

It's a good thing people who raid with me have a good sense of humor when I do my "duh" moments.
My biggest WoW fail?

Forgetting what faction I'm playing after playing one for a long time, then swapping to the other. This is compacted by the fact that I keep all my Horde toons on ONE server, all my Alli toons on ANOTHER server.

Boyfriend and I have been Horde for a very long time, mind; I've been Horde since 2007, but we both wanted to see the lore from the Alliance perspective.

So my biggest fail had to be when I was out on a Horde toon in Northrend (having just spent a week leveling Alliance toons to 80), and saw an Alliance city, and said "Thank goodness, my bags are full," and ran for said Alliance area.

Before my boyfriend could get out more than "Wait! That's a..."

I was on the ground, very much dead.

I'm not sure I ever laughed so hard in my life when I realized what I'd just done.

... Unless it was the time I tried to head for Thrallmar on one of my Allies on a flyer...

Most COMMON WoW fail?

Chewy, a large Tuxedo, loves to jump up and sit on my hands when he wants attention.
That cat has wiped more raids... (and my raidmates always knew; Chewy usually sat on the arrow keys, and sat on the vent binding at the same time, so they could hear me yelling at him, never blamed me for the wipes, and all had a good laugh while I tried to remove an 18 pound cat from my keyboard...)
Back in vanilla my first raid was Zul'Gurub, as a resto Druid.

While the raid leader was explaining one of the boss fights, I noticed our off-tank had mounted his kodo and managed to climb to the top of a wall, and was showing off. I had to follow.

While the patient raid leader explained everything, he was showing me how to "exploit" my way to the top of the wall.

...Only, I fell.

Into a pit of snakes.

...Just before they were ready to pull.
Annual Pass
I laughed at someone for failing to stand behind a ice block for Sapphiron.

As soon as I said "HAAA WHAT A RETA..." I realized I had died too. Got laughed at and reminded of it for a few days.

Going back to read the rest after I shared...
But this made me laugh, as our Naxx 25 in Wrath had at LEAST one a-hole mage that macro'ed Ice Block with a mock of the DBM notice "I AM NOT AN ICE BLOCK!"

Many wipes, much hilarity, and raid leader started saying before the fight: "Mages, TAKE YOUR ICE BLOCK OFF YOUR BARS!"
I also have to share a noob moment I was reminded of when several talked about graveyard runs.

2AM, determined to finish my level and do the bear quest so I could get to bed. I'm exhausted, and have to get up for work at 7.

I finish my druid bear quest, am in Moonglade.
First character past level 5, Tauren Druid.

Noob that I am, having just started playing a week ago, I look at my Hearthstone, and see I have 45 minutes left (back when hearth was a 1hr cooldown). I didn't know about the druid-only flight paths to get back to Thunder Bluff or Teldrassil.

I found the Alliance flight master (and a high level Alliance /shooed at me, which I was grateful for; she could have just one-shotted me since it was a PvP server), but not the Horde one.

I looked at the map. Moonglade's not THAT far.. I'll run it.

The furbolgs didn't like me. Not one bit. I tried to fight it, but seeing as they were level 50-something, and I was all of level 12...
I was sent to the GY in Felwood. I rezzed and was promptly eaten by a tree.

I shrugged, and spend about an hour running from Felwood to Bloodhoof. Dead. Rezzed at the spirit healer....
Rezzed in Felwood.
Looked around.
Logged out.

Next day, a guildmate asked me "Why didn't you just take the free flight back, if your hearth was down?"

I explained I had NO idea what he was talking about. He, also a druid, told me to teleport to Moonglade, met me there and showed me where it was.

I'd run past that spot at least 12 times while hunting for a flight point to take me home!
Heroic Leap.

200 yard drop.

A pebble was in the way. You can guess the result.
I tend to fail a lot:

I fell off the edges in Grim Batol more than once.
On my hunter, I thought you were supposed to Raptor Strike when you stacked.
There was this bug on beta that, if you logged out while mounted in the air, you'd fall to your death upon logging in; I fell to my death as a druid.
If I heal with particle density on ultra, I am distracted by the shinies and everyone almost dies.
My first pvp encounter was when I was a nub: A boomkin was attacking me and I was so amazed by a giant chicken, that I died.
I used to try aggroing owlkin and let them all pile on me, but I was sad that they ran away and didn't know why.
When I first went to Dalaran, I found the elixir in the Underbelly. As a wasp, I tried to 'fly' off of Dalaran.
Before transmog came out, I refused to wear "ugly" armor.
My friend and I spent ten minutes arguing over who would attack the board-guy in Dalaran... he was patched to be unattackable.
I was on my Alliance nub in Hellfire. A level 85 Horde mage had to kill the Fel Reaver about to smush me.
I've fallen off the rocks in Molten Front... a lot.
Speaking of Molten Front, I was carrying my boyfriend on my Nightwing mount. Surprisingly, I fell off the rocks. The druid only caught me.
On beta, I saw Sha of Anger and ran into him.
I've been yelled at for attacking mobs "too close," as melee. Apparently I'm that fail.
I tried to run into Ironforge at level 70 (Horde) to buy a tailoring pattern.
In Tanaris, I tried to aggro those stranded turtles in effort to get them into the water and save them. They evaded back to being stranded.
I drowned because I forgot that my toon was underwater and AFKed.
On Warmaster Blackhorn during my first DS, I somehow got myself trapped in a corner, surrounded by purple stuff. My friends laughed at me.
I walked to Elwynn Forest as a Horde nub.
I forget that CRZ dismounts everyone riding you. Every single day.
As my boyfriend pointed out, I stood in Blade Flurry and died last night.
I play both factions. I saw green Orc names and I was just like, "Whoa, this is bugged. They're friendly!"
That said, I tend to run the path that the opposite faction will.

Honestly, there is so much more than that but I think this is long enough, for now.
My biggest WoW fail?

Not so long ago (I believe I was level 88 at the time), I did a LFG and was in a group with a healer and tank from Mal'Ganis... apparently my DPS on the trash wasn't up to par because I was out of practice and distracted by some NFL game that was on. How did I fail? I treated players from Mal'Ganis like rational human beings instead of instantly recognizing them for the irredeemable douchebags they are and leaving the party without a second thought.

Top THAT, b1tchez...
My Holy Pally - Alysrazor in FL - Had it down to 20ish% and in the burn phase with her on the ground. Accidentally bubbled tank who lost all aggro. Alysrazor then turned on the stacked raid and wiped us in one stroke..maybe two.

Lots of cussing....and laughing.
Playing on dial up back in the day, lag was crazy at times...ended up falling off the elevator platform in Thousand Needles, three times in a row....

40 man raid, we had just arrived, setting up strat and mob targets, and my cat decided it was time to visit me, hopped up on my keyboard, and mage blinked me straight into Garr and wiped the raid..
On my warlock, I had Archavon targeted, accidentally sent my pet in. Fortunately (a) the hunter did too and (b) the tank was paying attention, so we didn't wipe.

I switched from playing primarily Horde to primarily Alliance, and even after almost a year, I still get ejected from the Horde side of Dalaran every time I go there.

Finally, as a tiny nooblet, I fell off the Thandol Span and died. Took FOREVER to find my way up.
Flew six times in a row into the Horde area of Dalaran.

On an Alliance character.

I still do it occasionally even now <_<
Not really a fail as much as a funny. I used to work the graveyard shift (midnight to eight am), so my playtime was in the middle of the night early morning on my days off. To be cool to my roommate and his son, I played with minimal lighting at these times. I also piped the sound through my headset.

I was doing some pvp on a horde alt just after a patch had hit, and I had died to a wave of alliance rushing the flag room in WSG. So there I was at the spirit healer, waiting for that 30 seconds to come up, when I suddenly hear "I don't like this place". Instantly, my skin crawled and the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end. However, not to be foiled by strange voices in the night, I simply got up and looked around, thinking maybe my roommate had gotten up and was messing with me. This was not the case however...I shrugged it off, and continued with my play.

Couple deaths later, it was back "I don't like this place". That was it, I logged out, and went to my room, crawled into bed, and took a nap.

Couple days later when I logged back in I found out they added voices to the lock pets.....

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