Your biggest WoW Fails!

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Never having even heard of dungeons in the game, I spotted a purple swirly wall inside the cavern I was doing some quests in. The mental dialogue went something like this...

"Hmm... purple swirly wall, maybe what I need for these last 2 quests is behind that? What I'm looking for doesn't seem to be in here. Let's go see. [screen change] Whoa! What was that? Scary! Oh, friendly Tauren, cool. This place isn't so bad after all. Raptor, just like the ones outside, and same level range, I can handle that. What is that gold dragon thing around his avatar pic? Meh, I'll figure it out later. (Cast spell at raptor, raptor runs over and bites back) [Release Spirit]. Note to self: don't go wandering through swirly walls."

That's like one of my first real epic fails. My first toon was a rogue (still can't play one without cringing btw) and I got a class quest for shadowfang keep. I had never been to SFC before, so I didn;t think anythink of it. The worst thing in my mind was that I had to venture into horde territory. So 3 hours of stealth walking and corpse running later, I arrive at SFC. 3 MORE hours later I realized the quest was impossible. I'm a slow learner -.-
I laughed at someone for failing to stand behind a ice block for Sapphiron.

As soon as I said "HAAA WHAT A RETA..." I realized I had died too. Got laughed at and reminded of it for a few days.
I still do it on some chars from time to time but accidentally hitting my mount button while flying instead of my map button (the hotkeys are right next to each other).

I also was in a raid with a guildie so he could solo a raid and I was doing a quest and I was doing a item drop quest and after about an hour of no items dropping I was like "man this drop rate is really bad".
During 4.1, some friends and I decided that we wanted to do a ZA bear run. Most of us were new as of very late Wrath or Cataclysm, and our guild was only raiding T11 normals trying to break into Heroics. I had an OK gear set on my DK for tanking, it was my MS at the time. I was in mostly 359s as I recall.

Anyway, I got my best dps friends and a good healer. I was tanking. I mounted up after we killed the 2 trolls at the start and ran straight up to the eagle boss pulling every single mob along the way, and then I told the dps "Alright go! AoE!". The rest of the dungeon went the same way. I (as much as I could) pull every single mob up to each boss without stopping, and then tell the dps to AoE it all down.

It didnt seem unreasonable to me.....

There were no survivors.
lets see ive fallen of the giant night elf tree, the org ledges, thunder bluff 3 times, died in the undercity elevator by jumping... twice, and many many more
I've probably had many fails over the years, but the only one that comes to mind is one that happened to me a few days ago.

So I am on my hunter alt, just hit level 70 so I am taking the zep to Borean Tundra from Org. I had initially went to Org to buy the cold weather flying, but I got so caught up chatting it up in guild chat and vent that it slipped my mind. So as soon as the zep crosses into Borean, I take my jump off and start flying... Except I never learned cold flying.
Back during vanilla when I was a nooblet I was running RFC on a warrior a LOT wanting to get that Cursed Felblade. It finally drops one day and a warlock rolled need and won it. I started flipping tables because I was under the impression that 'locks couldn't wield swords, only daggers and staves.

Boy the look on my face when my friends set me straight on how things like that worked.
My first character was a Mage.

I leveled to 40 without a clue what talents were.
I had just got my first alt to max level durring ICC. I got in to an ICC10 pug right after plagueworks was released. We were doing really well, but kept wiping on sourfang because I was going OOM. Someone told me to use my pet, and I condescendingly dismissed their suggestion because "I wasn't a shadow priest".
I Was on my Undead DK recently Questing in storm peaks I was on top of the outer ring of The Temple of storms and decided to see if I could jump of and hit the base of t he mountain....ended up at the bottom of the Engine of the Makers.
When I first started playing, the person who got me into the game couldn't help me out since they were in Iraq. I was left to figure things out on my own, which I did poorly.

My first toon to seriously level was an undead warrior. My biggest fails happened on him.

I remember wanting to do dungeons, not realizing they revolved around having a group of people. I tried to work my way through SFK when I was a few levels higher than it, killing a mob at a time and dying a ton. I spent so much time in there that I never made it to the end, and the mobs behind me began re-spawning again as I struggled to solo it. It was maddening.

I didn't know how XP worked. I thought the best way to level was to clear every quest in a zone, and would do so ending up with massive amounts of quests done that were grey-quality and gave little or no XP. It took me forever to level.

When I finally got to 80, I had saved up to get a hateful glad set, right before they were replaced for a new season (I had no idea how seasons in PvP worked, or how gear worked in general). I loved how my outfit looked and spent over a thousand hard earned gold on gems for it. I had no idea how stats worked and bought gems that matched some of the green bonuses on my gear. So I had an arms a warrior running around with crit and attack power gems.

My second toon was a success because I found the WoW forums and learned about the more popular outside websites that help you learn your class. But, boy, was there a lot of fail on my warrior.
My worst was back in Azjol Nerub in Wraith, the part where the group needs to jump down through a hole and land about 2 miles down into a water pool. I think it was AN, or one of those spider dungeons, whatever one that is, I can't remember exactly... But anyways, I jump down first, and I hit "path of frost" while the rest of the raid is falling to the water. I wiped the entire group due to fall damage. I got plenty of heat after that epic moment. Definitely a funny noob moment. LOL! At the time I felt really bad, but I look back and laugh now at that mistake.
Took a break for quite a while, and when I came back Paladins had Holy Power. I kept using Templar's Verdict at 1 charge :C
My fondest memories are from Vanilla WoW. That nostalgia and the friends I've made in game along the way are probably the only reason I continue playing. My very first toon was a warlock and my image of the class from the official descriptions was sort of a badass battle mage. I mean Firestones still did fire damage on melee hits, after all. So I would DoT things up and then leap in like a badass, trying to cut things down like some sort of demented batman. All fine and good until one particular dungeon run in Mauradon.. when I rolled Need on some sort of attack power ring, because I wanted to melee harder, bro. Well, needless to say, the actual melee classes in the party didn't take too kindly to that and were quite.. ahem.. verbal about it.....
When I ran Grim Batol for the first time, lets just say i did not think i would fall through the holes :P. well I learned my lesson lol
Well I started playing this game quite some time ago when I was quite a bit younger, during which time I had hardly any idea what I was supposed to be doing. So back in those days, I was a might fury warrrior by the name of Deathmane . . . who came into dungeons as a dps using a one hander and a shield, because i liked the armour bonus from the shield and the talent tree of fury . . .


Good thing I never made it to high level dungeons so no one really gave a turd.
When I rolled my first rogue... asking in chat when you get to learn the "stunlock" ability. I believe I was in barrens chat when i asked so you can imagine the response =P
Back when I first started playing this game (my first character). I would play with my now former boss. He loved to PvP, I didnt so much. Not knowing the difference from PvP and PvE, I made my toon on a PvP server and would complain why I was getting ganked.

Does that count as noob sauce?
I remember being lost in Lakeshire lookin for bellygrub....But tbh being clueless/Lost and just completely in awe was the best times.

Rolled my first toon on a pvp server befor knowing exactly what it ment..The day i hit stranglethorn is burnt into my mind..Ohh sweet ignorant bliss how i miss you.
lol good old barrens chat. I miss it.

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